Girls who like to ride electric skateboards



There seems to be an unhealthy balance of male riders in most esk8 online communities! I want that to change, so let’s celebrate the ladies who love to ride esk8.

The best thing about electric skateboards, due to the control the rider has with brake & accelerator, is they are actually very easy to learn & ride.

We all know riding in groups is better that going solo & learning to ride an esk8 (compared to a normal skateboard) is much easier, so next time you go out riding be sure to encourage your Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Girl Friend to come along with you… Don’t forget to buy an extra helmet.

For those girls who already ride esk8 you all rock! Just be sure to invite your noob girlfriends along on your next ride and help promote esk8ing as a fun activity for everyone to participate in.

Also, for any ladies reading this be sure to share your photos & riding experiences here.

Here are some photos that popped up on my Instagram recently…

Moja & Michelle dominating the streets in Melbourne! Go aussies!

Michelle is a key member of the team behind the BajaBoards, Can follow her Instagram account here:

Michelle doing bajaboard demos.

This is a Raptor 2 shoot we did for recently, post-apocalyptic styling with model Nahla Nirvana

Some random chick we found in Melbourne who was keen to try the raptor 2.

If you have never been to the Gold Coast in Australia you are missing out! The 'Meter Maids" are iconic for this part of town, it’s their job to walk around putting money in the parking meters to save shoppers from getting parking fines. Here are the girls trying out the evolve boards…

More evolve esk8er girls

Great way to walk your dog, follow kc_m_lee on Instagram:

Boosted Boards Chicago ambassador Sarah ripping it up

Boosted boards prize winner Jade camped out on location just to win an esk8!

Hanging ten on the Inboard M1 - Wake, Kite & Esk8 boarder - check out Taylor on Instagram for more

Its ok, I'm finally here

So here’s a video I made with my wife. We started out learning to downhill skateboard together, but a slide clinic mishap led to 6 stiches in her chin and a desire for a skateboard with brakes. So a couple of boosted boards later and we were both off. She rides her board to work on most days and loves being the skateboarding professor. Gets her tons of street cred with the students.


Great… actually i was thinking about this video when i made this thread!..glad you posted.


only 14% of my followers on instagram are female. There have to be more female enthusiasts out there besides hired models and the ladies at Faraday Motion.

I demand it.


My wife ride once, but don’t think I have footage…


I have to do something about this.

Ok so here’s my plan. I have 3 koowheels coming that i was planning to evaluate, one of which is going to a customer in Canada so his girlfreind can try it out, which is at least a step in the right direction.

I think i’m going to take the other two down to UCF and see if i can’t get some lady skaters into this sport. Luring them in with a low powered reliable budget board is probably the way to go to get them hooked into esk8s. Then i can sell them something ridiculous a year or two later.


Hey I’m a UCF student! Please let us know when and where this is going down! I’d love to meet people into esk8 and see chicks’ reactions :slight_smile: !


My girlfriend killing it on the evolve GT last winter. After teaching so many people to ride e=boards, I’ve come to realize women are the best students. All my healthy fit careless men friends would have a much harder time.


As soon, as we have enough money for a second raptor2 (or maybe something lighter) my girlfriend will get one too.
Better than just walking in the park.
You actually got to see something.


Yea I’m lucky enough to be able to ride with my girlfriend, i just wish I had two AT boards. It makes the experience that much better. I just didn’t wanted to buy another board from Evolve and mountain boards are too much for me. Hopefully someone than evolve will make AT boards soon.


my girlfriend, and her sick eskate she just built herself for less than $500


Hey. I am here! This winter is taking so long. Wish it was over so that I could be out riding. Can’t wait for spring.