Got thrown off my board


So today my Landwheel threw me off cus i were going to fast for it to brake any good and afterwards the wheels felt like they locked. Broke the controller and my bicycle glove (I’m really glad i had those gloves. Also my kevlar motorcycle hoodie worked wonders, can’t even see any scratch marks at all it did have some dirt on i easly could dust off, if it weren’t for the hoddie and the gloves i would had scratched up alot more then the tiny part on my knuckle i did.
Almost forgot the helmet aswell that got a little scratch on it at the forehead.

I were going downhill at around 30-35 km/h.

(It’s L3 version om Landwheel)


I’m glad you are ok, I crashed 32 kmh but without protections, was not funny at all, know I ride with motorcycle hoodie, gloves, knee and elbow pads and helmet, lesson learned :slight_smile:


my hoodie have elbow and shoulder pads :slight_smile: I fell once goin in 10 km/h max on a faulty version of the board and messed up my knee and hand. So glad i got the hoodie and gloves after that!


Same here, except it took me 2 big falls to learn my lesson.


Good to hear you’re mostly unharmed. Got any specifics on that Kevlar Motorcycle Hoodie? Like what brand and where you got it? That sounds like just the thing I need.


i have a kevlar shirt but i’m liking this hoodie idea


I want ankevlar hoodie but Florida is too damn hot for that


i thought that about the shirts but once you get moving its like wearing a spring breeze. They breath really well.


But a hoodie is ment to be warm on a motorcycle lol


The one I’ve got is called Motoxl

Here’s a Link for their UK shop.

I’ve been thinking of getting their flanell kevlar shirt.
I’m probably also gonna get Kevlar jeans aswell now when its off season.