Help build the case for an esk8 over a hoverboard



Greetings esk8rs, my son is 6 (45#) and wants to ride a hoverboard in a bad way. He got the idea from a friend of his but I personally think that an electric skateboard would be more practical and useful. I need some help from people more knowledgeable about esk8 to help convince him that a hoverboard isn’t what he wants.

In order to train his coordination and balance skills, I’ve been training him on a 28" analog cruiser for the past few months. He’s pretty good at pushing and leaning turning. Working on the “chop turns” now.

I’ve never owned a forward/backward leaning two wheeled mobility device (aka hoverboard) but they seem like something that would really struggle on pavement imperfections. There is also the whole risk of faceplants that don’t seem as likely with an esk8.

Are there any other advantages to an esk8 when compared to a hoverboard?


Esk8 all the way. It will help learn all the balance and bail out stuff. I think it’s way easier to stand on a plank of wood rather than a gyro where I have to pay close attention to where my feet are and how I’m using them. That’s just personal preference though.


hoverboards are slow but that can be a good and a bad thing. they can be outgrown pretty fast as for a esk8 you can upgrade it as he gets better and older. once he rides one i doubt he would want a hoverboard. esk8 could be made with inflatable tires that will soak up alot of the shitty pavement but also you can get larger 90mm-107mm urethane wheels they do a great job of rolling over almost everything. id say esk8 all the way.