Help for first time heavy rider


Hey all, first time posting. I’m looking for help deciding what board to buy. My price range is about $500 also I weigh 275 without gear and am 5’11. I’ve heard I’ll need a really strong deck and lots of power to still have fun. Any idea what I should get? I’ve been looking at benchwheel dual 1800w and skatebolt, plus a crap ton of others. Any help would be awesome. Thanks,


Hi Jon. I have a Metroboard dual and this board is a beast (i´am 6´2 and 240) … but it´s out of your price range.
Hope you find an cheaper option


I just looked it up. Looks like it would be perfect for me. Just wish I had the cash to spend on it.


With a $500 budget, the only options are WowGo 2s, Ownboard, and Meepo. Any of those boards will likely support your weight, because the stance I find works best on an electric skateboard (to brace oneself for acceleration and deceleration) places your feet just short of the truck hardware bolts. My feet are never in the middle of the board.

As far as power, at your weight, you’ll have better range on flat terrain. Your range will be shorter if there are hills.

Welcome to the club! You’ll have a blast!


Dude. For being an ambassador for a very, very tiny and underpowered board, you should know that the Riptide will not do well with a 275lb rider. He also mentioned his requirements in the post that you responded to. Nice try on the sale though. :wink:

P.S- This is stated pretty clearly on the Riptide FAQ…
" What is the weight limit?

250 lbs."


I genuinely didn’t get onto the fact this was a request for a heavier rider - looking back I have no idea how as you are right, it clearly states not only in his title but again in the actual message. I can only assume it was through viewing on my phone… I dunno, I have no idea. But yeah, that looks bad and I wouldn’t intentionally try and promote an ill fitted board to anyone. So yeah, apologies for that. My bad! Ambassador or not, the Riptide is not the board for this person.


Hello Jon…
I would like to start off by saying I am no ambassador towards the deck I’m about to mention to you and I myself am in the 200+ group and have a small budget…
“Trampa decks” Unfortunately like me you’re gonna have to source a bunch of parts.
Don’t let this discourage you but for your size your going blow past your $500 budget the same as me.just look at the big picture and follow your dreams…