Help with bushing setup for Raptor 2


Can someone tell me what bushings i should buy? Board barely turns, especially at slow speed.
Need a setup for high speed with lesser turn radius without giving me wobbles at high speed.
Would also like one for for carving and walking the dog with as little turning radius as possible.
Im 63kg


If you dont have enought skills to avoid speed woobles, put a barrel shape bushing red to the table and a cone shape purple to the nut, If your skills are enought to go with speed woobles, then go purple barrel to the board and yellow cone to the nut, always tight harder the back truck.


This is actually a double question. Do you want speed or carving ? Speed, the original ones should be fit. You could soften them, but then you need skills for speed.
I am a R1 owner, waiting for v2, but that’s where the kicktail comes in handy. All my friends tell me the board is stiff. I do agree, but then I tell them to put it to the max. And then they get why I like it stiff …


Which brand? Is there a size to consider? (some say they fit certain trucks - which do I look for?)


Check these articles


All the best brands are shown here