High Tech Electrics VS China Generic Electrics



When people talk about how smooth a board accelerates, or how reliable the brake function is when going downhill, or if there is a jerky throttle response… all this stuff is controlled by the Electric Skateboard Motherboard! - which is made up of various electronics parts such as BMS (Battery Management System), ESC (Electronic Speed Controller), On/Off Switches, Charge Ports, Fuses etc.

“not all are made equal”

In the Raptor 2 Electric Skateboard from enertion we call this part the E-Tray

It’s basically a group of circuity that makes your skateboard function in a way that is practical & safe for a human rider. It’s very complex and very hard to get perfect!

  • It needs to have advanced algorithms to precisely & efficiently control motor acceleration & brake.

  • it must be able to throughput high current for maximum torque without damaging itself or other electric components.

  • it needs to be able to safely convert energy into charging current for topping up your battery when braking.

  • it needs to be able to regulate power output & input into the battery to ensure it is in a safe zone.

  • Ideally have built-in safety features that constantly monitor temperature sensors to make sure system doesn’t overheat.

  • it needs to be able to protect itself if being abused! However, it can’t just shut down instantly due to a fault because rapid shutdowns generally launch the pilot through the air onto face!

None of this stuff is simple! this componentry needs to be tuned properly & engineered to be reliable otherwise the riding experience won’t be enjoyable

Being able to tune your board to match your own experience level & requirements is also really important! The E-tray inside the Raptor 2 uses dual Focbox Motor Controllers which are a tried & tested open source solution used broadly by most builders of high tech electric skateboards.

The FOCBOX motor controllers can be programmed using an app on your phone or with software on your computer.


Here is a video update from a reseller of generic chinese ESC showing how you need to buy a new battery charger that will undercharge your battery pack so that your brakes don’t fail when going downhill. This solution might solve the problem short term, however, it’s a band-aid solution.

Consumers need to demand proper safety features. We don’t want a hoverboard crisis.