Holy sh!t the new outwheels are difficult to install, they're extremely tight

I just received the new formula wheels, and I’m trying to install the new outwheels. It’s so difficult to press them on. I don’t really have any tools to help me, and so far I’m barely able to press the wheel all the way on, let alone align it right with the screw holes. Anybody with some know-how here?

I had the same issue, I found a video on you tube . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAY28lb-8v8 . it shows that a hammer and chisel being used. when i put the wheels back on it took a good few attempts to align them correctly, again in the video you see a tool being made (would have been great for something like that to have been supplied) the issue i had was that the new wheels were actually smaller than the old factory fitted ones and therefore a small portion of the hub motor was visible. i contacted support and they just said it was fine to ride…good luck