How long does it take to ship if i were to order a Raptor 2 today


Was wondering how long it would take to actually have the board in my hands. I was looking at a boosted board, but due to the short range i was turned on to the Raptor 2, but after a little research i see people waiting almost a year to get theirs. This isnt really an option for me because the reason im in the market for a new board is because my old one broke, and i dont really want to not ride for a year while i wait for shipping.
If i could get an honest guess taking delays in to account id really appreciate it, Thanks.


I ordered in 2016. Still waiting for a working board. Good luck.


Hey guys look!
He wants to order a R2 and asks when he’ll receive it!


If you want an e-skate to ride right away, order something that’s in stock.

Enertion’s production is plauged with issues, and has been for years. When they have steady inventory and a product that is refined and without basic issues, that’s when you should consider it.

If you really want a Raptor 2.1, order one. But don’t expect it to be delivered this year.


That’s the thing. Nobody knows. Not even Enertion. People have been waiting over a year so far. So I guess he will receive it in a year or two if he orders today.


According to the current production status! If you order now, you will get a Raptor 2.1 by December 2018-January 2019 hopefully


Is the “hopefully” the problem. :slight_smile:

I chose to have an R2,1 when it was first announced at the beginning of June (my original R2 order was from mid-May).
I’ve been told initially that I would have received it in late August, then September and now the last updated is somewhere in November.

To be on the safe side, I would suggest you assume that if you order now you can expect it in February.
I think is still a decent timing considering that some people waited for 16 months.


I can understand but we only provide ETA as per the situation and production stats.
Currently we are going to introduce some new features for Raptor 2.1 with FOCBOX Unity.
And clearing up Raptor 2 orders (only last 150+ left)

I hope you understand


Outch, do you know what happened? No refund?


Nvm I read the comments, wasn’t aware of their situation lol


I am perfectly fine in waiting Carl. I have clear in my mind that the R2.1 is the best eboard you can have. So for me is ok waiting. Moreover I live in Dubai and the “riding season” is just starting so I’ve not lost much.

What I wanted to say (small advice to you guys) is to take a bit more buffer when you announce ETA. On the website it still mentions delivery in 8-10 weeks.

Give more relaxed ETA. You will not need to send out messages where you postpone the ETA.

People will still buy your board because is a beast!