How to get more battery life / Push off from dead stops & use modest acceleration


With my car, I use hypermiling tricks to get the best MPG. With my '89 Civic hatchback, I once got 57+ MPG traveling from SF to LA. Although, I didn’t make any friends along Highway 5. In stop 'n go commute traffic, I still get a decent 45+ MPG from a 30 year old car.

Within the hypermiling community, it’s known the greatest amount of fuel is used to move a car from a dead stop. Once you get rolling the energy required is small. One study found the average car only uses 7hp at freeway speeds.

We all know how thrilling it is to quickly accelerate when a red light changes to green. And, it’s fun to showboat by accelerating as fast as the car beside you. But, perhaps you’ve been riding your electric board long enough and have outgrown the need for all that. If so, borrow a page out of the Hypermiling Playbook.

At dead stops treat your board like a non-electric board. You can extend your battery’s life by giving your eboard a push off. Also, slower accelerating will be a big help,too. Treating your battery nicer delays the inevitable 20% capacity drop that lithium ion batteries suffer after 300 charging cycles.

If there was a hole in my car’s floorboard, I’d probably Fred Flintstone my car from dead stops, too!

Ride safely!


Also gracefully breaking, using regen brake instead of foot braking, ducking and slower cruising speed for less air resistance will all help.


Your right. Good reminder.

Here’s an interesting read about a Tesla driver that racked up a crazy amount of miles on one charge by keeping their max speed to 24mph.

You remind me to add…

Another hypermiling technique is observe red lights far ahead. Slow down as to roll through the intersection on a green light without stopping. In other words, don’t be in such a hurry to race up to a red light and come to a complete stop.