How to Update the Unity for a Raptor 2.1 or DIY Board VIA Android OR Windows PC


Click here for a guide on how to update your Raptor 2.1 or Unity to the latest firmware!

This firmware has been proven to allow MAX performance for your Raptor 2.1. We have found the perfect balance between performance and component longevity. This firmware has been tested in extreme conditions and we are confident it will meet your expectations while keeping your components safe and usable for a long, long time.


@knuck887 Check this out! I’d love to hear your feedback

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Cool, I’m installing this right now and will test this on a group ride tomorrow with Tijl from Fatdaddy. Or maybe he’s only coming to the party after, don’t know.


Hello! I’m always happy to address all your problems. I don’t think this thread is the appropriate place for that post. I’ll be removing it but but I will respond to your problems in a private message in the morning

Thank you


That post you removed contained detailed information about things that wen’t wrong after the standard guide… that post was made over the span of 2 hours. And you just removed it. Good morning to you.

Maybe next time remove the parts where I’m ranting and leave the genuine feedback and bug reports?

Can you give me the copy of that post so I can post it again? Somewhere else or with the ranting left out?


Can someone restore that post please?
Why would one delete others posts to start with? Useful info should be shared.


Here’s the most important point:

After following the guide your battery min will be set to -30. I think the safe limit for the 10s4p 30q is -16.

DIYers will know, but the average Raptor 2.1 buyer will not.



It is not unsafe to have regen set at the new limit what so ever.


For people who plan on using the HUD feature of Focbox Unity App, be sure to also set UART to 9600 and apply the config to reenable the feature after reflashing the firmware.


Having received my board on Friday, I just ran the firmware update and everything went to plan. The only tricky part was making sure I hand-spun the wheels in the correct direction - I put small post-it notes on each wheel to make sure I got this right. The whole UNITY app is fantastic and the board is now fully setup I believe.

The remote calibration was off by about 5% for some reason, but it now reads true -100 | 0 (+ - / 1%) | 100.

Again, hats-off to the whole team, and Jeff for his work on the app etc., a truly great board so far! :smiley: :smiling_imp:


Can you upload a video of some shredding with no shitty background music init when you get the chance. thanks


Sure! I’ve started making a video already, will upload soon (weather dependant).


Thats great news! thank you for your feedback :slight_smile: