Https:// DEAD - Gone!


The most famous Longboarding community forum website is now gone.

This is a total shock! The huge amounts of information from that website seems to have vanished. There is no indication that it will return. This is a very sad Day.

Is Longboarding not popular enough anymore to have its own online community?

Did esk8 kill Longboarding?

or did other social media platforms, like Facebook, become the preferred hangout for longboarders?


So sad to see it go :frowning: It was the first big resource I encountered online. I think the activity was really low compared to a few years back. I felt that the longboard trend and hype was definitely higher a few years back as well. But for sure - the activity has certainly been spread out on different sites. Many local clubs/communities at Facebook as mentioned. And the last years esk8 has gained popularity - but in a bit of a different segment maybe. Of course overlapping with the old longboard segment but I feel - as it is more useful for commuting and transport - it gains popularity in new segments - not just skaters.


I just can’t believe all the info was lost… that just doesn’t make sense…