Hurricane Irma: We’re Entering Preparedness Mode


This is a courtesy announcement to anyone with open orders or builds with LHB FES.

HURRICANE IRMA is now a CAT 4 and less than a week away. Some places are saying it may reach category 5. To anyone who’s been paying attention to hurricanes like i have for the last 35+ years, this is no surprise. We’re not going to see a lot of cat 2s from now on. We done fucked up our climate too much.

We are going into hurricane preparedness mode.

That means we’re bagging and tagging and generally locking shit down, which also means any pending orders or builds will be delayed until this thing passes and we can unpack our shit again. As soon as the storm passes and everything is kosher and cleaned up we will unpack our stuff and resume operations.

We’re not interested in losing all our shit to water damage and having to file claims, so please forgive the delays. However, we are 131 feet above sea level and that should mitigate the flooding. It will not do anything about the potential for tree-in-house syndrome which may soon afflict us. However, this is certainly not my first rodeo so we got this.

From Sunny Florida, we thank you for your patience.

Time to fill to cooler boys. She’s gonna be a doozy. More info here:


Be safe brother, ill find a hole to hide in here in miami.


@longhairedboy sending good thoughts your way!