Its ok, I'm finally here


Everyone can finally relax and breath easy now that i’m around. I know all of you were getting so concerned about me not being here already. Shit happens, but we can recover from this tragedy one step at a time if we pull together and stay strong.

Where’s the beer?


I tought you were suppose to bring it ?


Hey guys I guess need 20 characters


Tis me, I am here as well. Whats happening :slight_smile:


Yep, me too. I like the open style this forum has, I hope many more hardcore diy builders will also join it to add some important and useful stuff to this place, too


Guess we are all here to build a club
Ba Dum Tssss


Wow I feel like new again… just receive my badge for the first like…


Soooo… Now I will be stuck checking here and @ .builders all day long. My fiance will finally kill me.


On that note, I don’t care who joins, but I really don’t want this to get filled with technical support inquiry’s, noobs asking how to connect their battery to a motor… Who sells the best vesc… Ah ah, no way…

This site is just about riding… And about the finished product.

I will be deleting anything too techy. I ask you guys as early users to become “flag-nazi’s” and flag the shit out of posts that don’t belong here.


K. I’m here too. I know how to hit the flag button :smile:


This shall be fun! Now my wife will have even less of my time!


Yo so this is a club? Where da chicks at.



Hello again! I guess 20chars is the new 10chars


I don’t need 20 characters to say how awesome this club is!


I heard there was beer? :beers:


Yeh, I got the point and im actually glad you made this place as a lot of good stuff might get buried in the other forum, where some not so techy riders are not able to access it.

So with hardcore diyers I just meant users from the other forum who might bring some good stuff to this place too, just in more ‘soft’ way, by not going into detailed battery / motor / etc talk


I’m tired of talking about “how to” 100% of time anyway. I’m ready for a place to talk about just riding and where to ride and going fast and what gear is good to wear and how i ran over a dead armadillo.

Also i guess i sell completes anyway so i kind of belong here.


I thought you’d like it here, I actually made this forum for you :slight_smile:


How about we draw the line at how to change a belt and that’s it.