Jedboards... an other topic for a change besides Raptor 2


The only action here seems to be Raptor 2 this or that.

Let’s talk Jedboards.

Back in April I posted on reddit that I really wish they’d release the board soon already but that I had major doubts they would.

In fact I stated that it would take at least another four months for them to even release a finished working production board. It is coming closer now and dare I say it again I hope they release one by the end of August 2018 but it still doesn’t look like it.

Instead what I have seen is them releasing boa wheels and updates about their other jed junior board.

Come on jed boards. Release a production ready board already. One with a working remote and not the jed junior.


Yeah I’m keen to look at jed AWD. Hopefully they are making sure qc is in order so they don’t have problems like Raptor 2…


A new item for the list of safety gear. :yum:



I guess you haven’t ridden a boosted board yet. They are the noisiest belt drive I’ve heard so far.


I have not ridden BB. Other belt though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Jedboard is … special…


Nope still nada.

Anyone ordered a jedboard?
You’ll get one next year May is my guess. Because it ain’t gonna happen CNY and they’ll need two months to recover from it.

I was even considering them for their unique drives at the time.
By now they’re outdated and old.


I put deposit down. They said “We’re finishing off production at the moment and expect to start shipping the first customer boards very soon.”
Was told my board would be around 3months. I’ll be happy if it comes before xmas.

Jed seem to have taken more time to get setup and running but hopefully that shows in the quality of final product. I like the standard 2 year warranty.

(My theory is it’s way better to get quality sorted rather than send out faulty and badly designed parts for customers to “test”)


these boards look alright but the battery is so tiny. yeah swappable batteries but im not one to want to carry 20lbs of batteries in my backpack. if it was 25-30 mile range then this board would be killer.


Surprise not really.
It is end of October now and still nothing.

Anyone know what the latest excuse is?


boosted board is by far one of the least loud belt driven board there is. The one you tested must have had an issue.


Ehm what?


Every group ride the boosted is the loudest. Even the boosted riders say so.



I have a boosted board. An Evolve gt. Had a Riptide. Had a diy belt. Ride with diy belt friends every day. From my 4/5 years experience in electric skateboarding boosted board is by far one of the least noisy belt driven system on the market.

Expressing your state of shock 3 times isn’t making your point more compelling.


Even going downhill no acceleration the boosted makes more noise.


Well it is December now and still nada from jedboards.

What the hell @jedboards?

When did you first anounce your board? Some transparency would be nice.

“We are sorry that we still have not released or shipped a working production release yet to our customers. This is due to that we have seriously miscalculated…”
I don’t know what but fill it in for your customers please.


‘Miscalculated’ lol they told me shipping March 2017 when they only had a rough prototype January and that they were starting full production February. Not miscalculations but intentional lies to get more preorders.


Same thing Enertion does. I guess it’s a thing.


Nah jed is way up there in terms of fraudulent practices. Enertion is a noob compared to them.


18 whole meters?