Keeping an Eye on the Carvon EXO – That Esk8 Life




So, Carvon EXO is basically a KooWheel with enhanced esc and torque drive motors?


pretty sure its 100% a koowheel

simply has longboard wheels bolted to the end of the hub motors,

NOTE: the ESC koowheel use is actually made by a 3rd party & it is not really something that can be upgraded or improved unless the 3rd party does it.


I am new to eboards and looking at this for my first one.

We have rough roads here in England so am interested in this Carvon Exo with MBS All Terrain wheels or the belt driven Slick Revolution Flex-E board (

Any advice on which is likely to be better??


Not sure carvon can ship outside USA.

So might be better with local Business. Suggest going directly to carvon as they don’t seem to be active on forum’s.


Thanks for the reply; I have already asked Carvon and they will ship to UK and other EU countries.

Just looking for a bit of advice from people on here that may have tried the Carvon hub set up as opposed to the belt drives?


Have ordered one of the now, appears to be the best serious entry to mid level board you can get right now (or early 2018 to be exact).

Currently $749.00 buys you:

Up To 24 mph Top Speed
Up To 24% Hill Climb Ability
Up To 14 Miles range
V4 TorqueDrive Inline Dual Direct Drive Motors
97mm Blank PU Wheels (others up to 100mm optional)
36V 5500mAh/198WH 18650 Li-Ion Swappable Battery
Landyachtz Drop-Through Deck
Front and Rear Shredlights
130kg / 286 lbs Max Load

Jump onboard the bargain now:


Any video of that anywhere? seems unlikely, especially with 97mm wheels.


Riding up 24% slopes doesn’t bother me, and most people I suspect, unless you live in the mountains. I doubt many riders would negotiate any significant slope more than 10% to 15% during usual riding. I cetainly won’t find any slopes like that where I’ll be using the board in the fine old UK countryside.

Just quoting the stats and happily looking forward to posting a full review when it arrives, will have a look for a road in Yorkshire that may boast 24% but don’t hold your breath!!!


To me hill climbing and range are very important, mean hill
climbing at a reasonable speed


How many >20% hills do you go up?

Should it be important to someone who lives in an area with no hills?

Range, yes but for me ability to climb 10 or 20% won’t make a difference, or am I missing something??

Is this board not capable?


I have just 2 hills from work to home, the first is about 3 km and is 10% to 15% and the second one is 1 km and 15% to 25%.

Three things to care about (to me):

First, from home to subway is about 4 km downhill and most the boards cant brake when are 100% charged. So I need a board can brake when is fully charged.

Second, hillclimb is a must, I have a blink s2 right now, and can climb but is just dangerous because gets to slow and cars have to go really close to you to pass over, besides when you go slow every little stone can throw you away, and is boring as hell.

Third, range, my board claims 14 miles range (22 km), subway is 6.2 km away, my weight is 83 kg., I ride only in pro mode, when I go to work (4 km downhill and 2 flat) my battery is 85% at the end of the ride, but uphill is a different story when I get home my board only have 10% to 20% juice left on the same route but uphill.

But anyway I do believe you did a good purchase because you live in a area with no much hills, and I love that deck so much, I wish Enertion could make a partnership with Landyachtz to make a deck for the R2 owners, like the Ramathorn but with handles, this is a hollowtech deck so is light and durable (take note on this @onloop). We would be the envy of every hardcore longboarder.


Now I can see why you need a serious board!

My terrain is a bit different and it’s going to be a pure fun board, if I did commute it’s only 3 miles too.


The EXO was by far one of the slowest boards I’ve ridden in a long time. GT is better, boosted is better, almost everything I’ve ridden has better acceleration.

I worry to with it being a re-branded china hub how it will hold up in the long run also.


When you say “being a re-branded China hub” do you realise that nearly all esk8 hubs / motors will be made in China. Let alone 90% of the modern electronics that you own (and probably typed your message on), how are they holding up?

I’d be more interested to know how the Exo was so bad; acceleration, top speed, carving, braking, flex and feel. Have you time to post a bit more of a review on the board you rode? Providing that your China built keypad “holds up” that is.


@evoheyax 's “point” might not be spelled out very clearly, what I believe he is trying to say is that most (/all) of the hub motors that are 100% engineered & produced by Chinese motor factories are not being made for high current, high torque & high speed. It’s true, they are mostly all very weak motors & Mostly they are just trying to make them cheaper & more reliable, not better performance.

So to clarify, I don’t think Luke is having a dig at Chinese manufacturing in general.

The Chinese are excellent at making very high-quality motors, they are probably the best in the world & the cheapest, Shenzhen is the place to be for electric vehicle tech, you would be crazy to make your motors elsewhere. I know about this first hand as I have been sampling hub motors from many Chinese factories for the last few years, I have also been to the koowheel factory personally and they really have no idea about motors, they are not really motor engineers they are simply an assembly factory, they buy motors from the motor factory who are the designers/engineers. This “disconnect” (between the esk8 builder & motor engineer) means China will always be a bit slower to get the performance engineering up to speed.

The issue with hub motors is squeezing performance out of the motor whilst keeping it small & keeping it cool, at this stage the Chinese are way behind some of the guys who are hand building & prototyping motors for performance.

The key point of difference is china is trying to make them cheap & reliable VS the esk8 builders developing hub motors who don’t care about the cost they just want the performance.

There are a few key people from the DIY esk8 scene who have spent the last few years just trying to constantly make better “performance” hub motors ( I am one of them) this knowledge is mostly secret for now! However, eventually the Chinese engineers will work out what we are doing & they will follow us & maybe surpass us…


look at where 24% is. That’s nothing. A fucking koowheel could do that easily. I climb a hill steeper than that every day to get to the dollar general so i can cut through the back lots and get to the circle k for that 32 oz Stella Artois.

My boards go up hills like that at 30mph. Koowheel can’t launch like that but they can certainly get you up there without dying.

Koowheels actually aren’t shit components. Mass produced in china for min performance and max profit, yes. Crap? not really, as it turns out, ironically and coincidentally. I have two of them and they’re great for slurpee runs. I ride them all the time. They’re not all that fast and after a while they get noisy as shit, but they will climb a measly 24% grade.

Really the only bad thing about them is the wheels and deck if you don’t mind the range limitations and like spending less money. And Jerry solved both of those issues, so done.


Did you try uphills with Jerry system? Koowheel is hub motor but on the Carvon EXO the forces are different cause the motors are much near to the center of the truck.


no. I haven’t assembled any yet.

how are the rotational forces different when the motor is moved down the axle, which is literally the axis of rotation? is there some kind of torque-twist action at play here that robs efficiency to the point of actually mattering?


It is different because the urethane will not roll over on his own axis, it will have the axis displaced a little by one side, so there is a momentum that wasnt there before, plus the distance.