Koowheel: Total Crap... or just Mostly Crap?


Recently i’ve found myself taking on the responsibility of testing and beating up on mass produced value boards to find out precisely what is crap and what is good enough for most poeple.

I can do that because “most people” is utterly and completely NOT my demographic. So this is my way of contributing back to the rider community one small eval at a time.

Today i got 3 Koowheels in the mail. One of them i’m leaving in the box for a freind but the other two are getting evaluated.

Jake and I are going to ride the shit out of them just like we did the Hyper Vipers and see what’s what. If they turn out to be a decent beginner board for you or friends or family, i’ll let you know.

If they fall apart and don’t have any power and don’t make any sense when i open the board to see the insides you’ll know that too.


They are okay but I just spent a little more and bought a used raptor so much better


obviously a used raptor is going to be better in a number of ways, for example they’re easily fixed with off the shelf DIY parts and are pretty darn powerful.

But i’m talking about a $600 mass produced chinese board, not a preowned $1500+ australian semi-mass produced board.


i just received a koowheel onyx edition with the newer 350 motors and new style remote. This is my first esk8 board and i am impressed with what you get for the money. I cant seem to unlock the faster speed mode though :frowning: the 7 power press method isnt working. I get a stable 17mph top speed and it pulls well up gentle inclines.

i will update you on my thoughts on the board over the following months. i paid and extra £20 and have a 2 year extended warranty with their repair centre in Germany, which i though was a nice extra.


yes i know its not a good solution for the masses but i only payed $800 for my Raptor with an extra space cell battery in my case $200 more was money well spent lol


i took these two out last night and they’re suprisingly powerful, but not too fast. I’ll post pics of the boards later today.

These guys are a 10S2P i suspect, its a 36v 5500mAh 196Wh swappable pack. Charge time isn’t terrible, but it is kind of slow. The remotes are like bracelets, they’re kind of weird but i kind of like them. They seem a little cheap but not flimsy… if that makes any sense.

I really like the look of the hub motors and the way the perform. I was expecting shit quality there but these are pretty nice. They won’t win any races for sure but they will provide a very polished and comfortable ride until the pavement turns to shit, at which point you will feel those motor cans.

i’ll post more thoughts as we keep riding them around. I’m going to bring them to the Enertion meet-up as well in case anyone wants to try them.


did you work out how to unlock the faster mode?

7 fast presses of the power button from the off start position is meant to do it but didn’t work for me.

i get 16 to 17mph as it comes but it should go up to 25mph once unlocked


I think we found it. once its on, pressing the power button on the board once more will do it. It seems to unlock some harder acceleration and it might actually be doing 25mph. IT gets there in an easy and comfortable way though.

I’m used to riding my own boards which are incredibly fast and powerful, so riding this it was easy to keep it pinned and see what it could do.

They seem like they’re setting a good example of what you should expect from a lower-performance mid-quality board. Its actually giving the bamboo a good run for its money in terms of performance.

The pack is small though and i suspect when we do full drain tests we’re going to find a lot of voltage sag. Probably about the same kind of sag as we found onthe 6.5-7ah evolve prismatic packs. These are decent quality 18650s though i’m pretty sure given the pack specs vs its shape vs the board’s performance. We haven’t cracked it open to be sure yet though.


I’ve been watching them, looks slow and bad quality. Seen pics of wheels with chunks breaking out.

Check this vid out…


Is problem with the Urethane lets go kids go buy a GTX… hahahahaha Irony


i know, right?

I have one customer who got around the “black thane” problem plaguing the community at the moment.



So the version being discussed in this thread is their latest one called the koowheel onyx.

spec picture

it has different motors and silver motor covers which are a different design too the one in that video.

i just got back from a ride on mine and got a 8 mile ride before the battery ran out. not the best range.


with a 10S2P in there i’m kind of shocked you got 8 whole miles out of it. Were you in regular mode or fast mode?


so after some research, i have discovered that the onyx version only has one speed mode. This was confirmed by koowheel. In respect to range this is my first esk8board so i didnt really no what to expect for range. Looking at other comparable boards it looks about right for what your getting here :slight_smile:


there’s this thing you can do with the power button. I did it and i got more launch torque. I’ll replicate it and see if i can write up a procedure. If its an easter egg, then it was in a good place.

These units were listed as the D3M model. I guess Onyx is the consumer facing name.

So far we like them and are satisfied with… now hold your breath here guys… everything but the fucking battery.


This has renewed my sense of vengence against the commercial sector which drives my desire to build an affordable esk8 with decent range and no voltage sag.


batteries are generally the most expensive part of an eboard and they try to make these things cheap so they put shitty batteries in them to cut cost… even evolve does this as you know with the GT battery mods you do. I probably will pick up that 12s5p battery you are offering in the future for a DIY build


but at the scales they produce these things… by the thousands…we’re talking maybe $50 more to add a pack that would destroy everything else on the market.

I’ll shut up now since i just aquired access to all of the parts koowheel uses and I know how to build packs.


So are you testing this version: (lights on top of skateboard, black side of hub motors, wheel colors can differ)

Or this version (black wheels, different remote, silver side of hubs)

These versions are different, the second black one is the new version. The first one is not being produced anymore.


the second one.

They just came out.


So after riding this board for a week or so here are my pros and cons
This is my first electric skateboard so I have nothing to compare it against these are just my thoughts on the board…

Solid link between the remote and the board, not had any drop outs.
Build quality good, I have not had to tighten any bolts.
Great linear acceleration.
Approx 1hr of riding on flat ground.
Very quiet.
Excellent braking.
I paid $20 extra for a 2 year warranty with free repairs out of there Germany repair centre. (I am uk based)

Top speed feels a little slow on open straights (16/17mph)
The king pin in the trucks have lateral play, so it feels loose at the beginning of a turn as the king pin rocks from side to side before the bushings start to compress.
The front 90mm wheels don’t hold the bearings tight within them and cause unwanted play. You can see this when you remove a wheel, and the front bearing just falls out of the wheel.
On rough tarmac the board rattles, due to the sprung mounted bolts holding the battery chassis.

Overall I am very pleased with the board as a first budget friendly Esk8 board.