London (UK) riders make yourself known here


Seeking like minded to catch up and go for rides


I’m from London but I’m currently in Australia and about to travel the US with Raptor 2’s :slight_smile: I’ll be back mid next year and we should go ride, I take my DIY board down to Meanwhile skate bowl and Stockwell park in Brixton, amazing esk8 parks.
Nice to meet you.


Awesome Mojo enjoy your trip will look forward to hearing all about it. Will check out the parks in the meantime :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you and all the best!


I know its not London but I am from South East Kent… anyone else?


Hey Adrian; welcome! Am always up for a travel upon securing a kitchen pass from the wife :wink:


haha! we I am a complete skateboarding NOOB and my first purchase is a Raptor2! maybe once I learn to actually board I will see when everyone is meeting up and come and join


I’m British but I live in Germany but study in loughborough (England), so during uni term time in the the U.K. Got a board I’ve built/building. Single motor, 6s5p. Gets me around. Built it to be compact and stylish. This is my first post btw


Welcome James!! Where in Germany are you ?


I’m in Farnham, Surrey, but I tend to simply drive to Southsea and skate along the sea front :slight_smile:


Hove promenade is always a great ride, with cool people :slight_smile:


Londoner here!


I am testing the waters to see who is up for a Central London meetup and group ride


Another (south east) Londoner here


Outskirts of London eSk8r here (Essex, Southend). Up for rides in and around central and south east London :smiley: