Looking for a budget All Terrain / Off Road Electric Skateboard



Hi everyone,

I’m new to the whole eSk8 vibe, I’ve been skateboarding years ago and got into long boarding for a bit before moving to Beijing a few months ago. I don’t currently have a board and was looking for an electric skateboard to use for my daily commute since we have a lot of big bicycle lanes here.

I’m specifically looking for an All terrain version, easily obtainable in China (which is actually not as easy as I thought it would be)
Okay, so first off, my budget is around $500 US (cheaper would be better)

I found this on a website a lot of english locals use to buy stuff online throughout China (I can get it slightly cheaper (around 300 yuan) from the Chinese website which this one sources from called TaoBao) it’s around $400 US

Now the thing is, I’ve tried researching GX-W and GX-Wheel, couldn’t really find anything since it is a chinese made eboard. The better version of the two choices apparently has a range of 30KM (18 miles) and a top speed of 50 km/h (30 miles/h) which would be really awesome for my needs.

A few criteria:

  • I need to commute 6 miles to my destination and 6 miles back (I would have a safe place to charge it once I get there) but often times would need to commute around 12 miles in total
  • Speed wise I’m not looking for anything exceptionally fast, but ideally I’d like to comfortably go around 18-20 miles per hour without feeling like I’m pushing it to its limits.
  • Beijing’s bicycle and cyclist traffic is quite hectic at some times, and when I am riding the rental bikes I find that breaking or slowing down happens often (not a lot, but often)

Any input or advice would be appreciated.


Basically, you’re waiting for this… https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/backfire-ranger-all-terrain-electric-skateboard-sports-design/coming_soon


All terrain board require so much more ruggedness and power compared to a normal board it’s not worth getting a cheap one it will break I dont reccomend cheaping out on a all terrain.


@skitzor That board does look pretty decent, but I suspect the price range is going to be out of budget, especially since it has hub motors…?

@Battosaii Thanks for the honest opinion Adam, I understand your point in the matter. Any normal boards / brands you could recommend I look at? Two of the more popular Chinese brands I’ve found on youtube seem to be I-Wonder and TeamGee, but the ones that look worth while honestly are either out of my budget as well, or the performance / size just doesn’t seem good (I’m almost 7 foot)


Wow that’s taller that me I am 6’6", I rode a Meepo and was very impressed with its performance for its price.

I’d suggest Meepo or Ownboard.


If you’re still in the market, WowGo just introduced an all terrain, electric board. Although, it’s pricey at US$900. Since you’re in China, you can likely save some $$$ due to reduced shipping costs.