Looking for riders that are using Jaws, Nazaré or Lonestar from LaCroix to share experiences, spots and beers

Hi all and Happy new year and rides.

As a new owner of a LaCroix Nazaré since September, I am looking for riders that own such a board to share experiences, rides with and have a beer discussing of tips…

I am localized in France and Switzerland, I am speaking French and English and I am a Google translator power user in desperate situation :-).

PS: I do not have FB account and do not plan to get one.

It’s so annoying when folks suggest that. Or when folks suggest you use apple brand crap.

Amazing, you are the kind of guy that is testing a Bugatti Veyron and will focus 100% of his unique neuron on the air valve of the tire…

At least are you a rider big boss :slight_smile:

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