Marbel drive belts


Hi good folks,

I was one of the people who bought the Marbel carbon fiber board. The good thing is that I actually received my board. The bad thing is that I had virtually zero customer service with them. I think they may be out of business at this point.

Today I am looking to buy a replacement belt but I have no idea if it is even possible to find the OEM for them. If anyone here has any idea where I might buy one I would love to hear.

Otherwise the board I have is just a wast of resources at this point.



Count the teeth, measure the circumference and measure from the middle of one teeth to the other. Then you should have your specs. Should be available anywhere


Hey there Skitzor!

Thanks for the advice!

When you say that the belt should be available anywhere - what does that mean exactly? So does this mean I can pick them up at Home Depot? Or do you need to go to an automotive store for that kind of thing? After doing a google search it wasn’t clear of any brick and mortar stores to pick something like that up.




I would say, online is the way to go for the cheapest options