Monster board crushes your puny mortal esk8


Ok so that’s a bit hyped up. However I have been reviewing this particular board after a gentleman walked into my shop and forced me to ride it against my own better judgement by offering me the remote and saying “here.”

This thing is the epitome of ludicrous. At first glance it looks like a FIIK on PCP laced with satan, but underneath you can tell its a totally different mass produced chinese board with merely similar features. But what has me about this thing, is that its sooooo solid. ITs a fucking tank.

We have been beating this shit out of it. Its all steel and wood and super tough ABS on the enclosures. The bolts are huge. The axles are big. The wheels are go cart wheels. four 800 watt classic DC inrunners running in parallel off a single ESC that’s so huge and simple and reliable you’d think it came from a russian submarine. 2cm belts … ok ok enough specs. 960watt hours at 13S. Ok i’m done on the techno mumble jumble.

Its so much fun. We strapped it to the roof of our RAV4 and drove it all the way to virginia and it rained the whole time it was up there. It gave no fucks. We dropped it on its wheels from the roof and turned it on and rode off down some terrible gravel road full of trenches and slimy rocks and mud and insane hills just off the Blue Ridge Pkwy. It gave no fucks.

So anyway, I think i might sell a few of these. The guy showed up out of nowhere but the board is the real deal and i might put my brand on them and move a few.

What do you guys think about a beast like this? its huge and heavy but awesome.

its a 48v 960 watt hour system and it climbs stairs. We may also have a 72 volt system working soon, so that could happen as well.

There would be a good warranty option of course. Anyone who knows me knows i’ll stand behind my shit. But really… these things are built like tanks, they don’t break.


I agree, these boards are solid, my cousin had one for many years… he couldn’t break it, Moja has one too, they are tough.

My honest opinion…

here is your choice

  1. Being a reseller of generic china stuff
  2. Being an innovator of esk8 design

choose a path and commit hard to it… doing both is not a great strategy, you will dilute your niche & confuse your customers


Why is that? How will it make me any less notable for my custom builds? I have heard this a lot from people i respect, so i’m genuinely curious why I can’t sell inexpensive reliable low performance boards to people who don’t want to spend the money on a custom ride without diluting my brand. If i provide the same level of service and warranty, and the boards do exactly what i say they do and i’m totally transparant about whats going on and i don’t tell people i designed them from scratch for kickstarter, and i don’t tell them its the worlds best something or set them up for dissappointment and it gets people in the door and gets more women interested in eskating and comes with a built in enthusiast upgrade path for the people who will obviously get hooked on the experience and want more speed, I feel like maybe i have a responsibility to do it. especially when its dead easy cash flow and can fund research into more ludicrous custom builds. If it gets me closer to quitting my day job, i consider it. Whatever it is.

But this itch is a strong one because people are CONSTANTLY asking about things like this for off roading and things like sub $700 boards (ie Koowheel and the like), so we keep evaluating boards. Eventually we’re going to find one that isn’t a total piece of crap and is worthy of my service level so we can stop leaving money on the table and take a few hours each week to print lables and slap them on boxes.

We’re modding those 48 volt monsters to run at 72v using new ESCs and battery packs from the factory, and the guy behind that operation isn’t stopping there, he wants to turn this into a sport. He’s looking at abandoned golf courses in Florida which have two things: The usual hills and sand traps that are hilarious on these off road boards and… wait for it… paved golf cart paths perfect for Grand Prix style esk8 events. Yes, all of this is totally selfish so i can get my hands on isolated paved loops with scenery, parking, and lots for vendors and media.

The West Coast and Australia aren’t going to be the only ones with leagues, people. East side represent motherfuckers!

Anyway, Ever seen anything like this before?

I rode one down the street a few months ago, it was insane. I’ve got one coming in the mail in a week or so to see what’s up. Shit like this would be great for renting out for promotions. Every year somebody calls me about a build for burning man. I’m done telling them i don’t have anything that can carry a drunken muddy naked guy through wet sand pits. I have something in my garage right now that will do it.


It’s the 80/20 rule, adding more products/services won’t always add more to your revenue or profits. It will actually take you more time setting this up initially and likely result in fewer profits…

In general, I think it’s always better to find your niche and dominate in that area. Reselling stuff makes you a competitor in a crowded space.

I covered this in my live seminar. check it out:


I agree with @onloop here. While I don’t think anyone doubts you’ll keep the same level of customer service and warranty, I think Jason means that the choice isn’t really about yourself but about what people think. Even if people’s reaction over Chinese alibaba stuff is a lot of times over exaggerated and over dramatic, many people will think less of your brand especially if they don’t know you so much just by seeing one of those boards on your page. They might think the parts you use for the custom builds aren’t as good as some might say or that they share similar feature,

On the other hand, most of the time only experience e-boards learn about you and your brand so I don’t think many of them would come to that conclusion, especially since those people hear about Longhairedboy through other people who all talk positively about your products.

But again it’s a choice to make and a risk to take.


Yeah i guess because of where i’m standing its hard to see what non-enthusiasts think. My entire customer base is enthusiasts and a ton of them have freinds, family, and significant others that want to get into this esk8 thing but don’t really want to spend $1200 or $1500 or got forbid $2370 for an esk8 but probably would spend $700 if they knew they could trust it and it had somebody standing behind it ready to help them out. Which is why i was exploring budget board possibilities. That pursuit led me to these monstrocities which seem like something a lot of people would have fun with. Zero maintenance boards that are extremely fun and powerful and have no limitations regarding terrain.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a fuckton of total crap out there. I’ve found a lot of stuff that i wouldn’t even let the neighbor’s annoying dog ride.

Anyway i’m probably going to DBA some of this stuff after a lot of consideration because i can see the brand dilution argument a little better now.

Thanks for the input!


Just upgraded mine with a 10S Li-ion instead of the heavy SLA I had before. Same brushed motor, same ESC. Works fantastic!

still need to find the right enclosure for the battery.
100% China. I paid 285£ for it about five years ago, never had any problem. I see a lot of companies on the market trying to sell exactly the same thing for 1500 EUR/USD. I think you need to provide a significant amount of added value to justify such a price compared to what I have. I could put twice as much Ah as today to get a better range and still be within a reasonable budget.
The point that could probably be improved is the weight, although I cut it by half with the battery swap. Providing the use of lighter materials is not done at the detriment of robustness.


The one pictured there is 4wd and has a 13S 960 watt hour li-ion battery, its an 18650 pack.

I have another one with the same pack and its dual rear wheel drive only, and another dual RWD with brushless inrunners running at 12S.

they’re a lot of fun.


From a consumer’s perspective, I think your brand is most notable for your custom builds, but I also think a big selling point for your boards is the post purchase customer service. If you’re transparent about it letting people know it’s more of a product you endorse and not something you built, and you’re willing to stand by it if something goes wrong within the warranty period, then I believe you’d definitely be able to move some of these. The biggest concern with buying a Chinese board is that you drop $500-$700 on something that might break in a month and then you’re shit out of luck. I’m not sure you’d be able to move a huge quantity, but there are plenty of guys out there like myself that have high end expensive boards that would like to buy something for their family member or significant other, but don’t want to spend $1500-$2000 on a high end board, nor do they want to spend $600 on some piece of shit that won’t last. I went through a Blink S and a Liftboard dual for my girlfriend which both sucked and were subsequently sold, then luckily I was able to pick up a used Metroboard Single for $450. I’ve been looking for a board for my girlfriend’s brother right around this price point, so even if you don’t plan on endorsing these I’d be interested in where to buy one. Shit I’ve been looking for something that’s waterproof for around $1000 for myself, so that could be 2 sales right there!


It’s been a couple weeks, so what’s up with this monster 4x4 board? I’ve been thinking about what it might take to build a 4wd golf board with fat, wide wheels and these monster boards look promising. Especially the wheels and tires. Got any info on those monster truck tires from the board in the first post, like diameter, width, bearing size, axle size/length required? I’d be interested in buying a set of monster wheels with pulleys if you could get them separately and they fit MBS/Trampa MTB trucks.


We’re setting up a separate shop under a different name as a joint effort to sell these and a couple of other things i’m evaluating. Just dotting some eyes first.


@longhairedboy Sounds like a good plan. Will you be selling certain “replacement” parts separately, like the wheels/tires? Or even just the 4wd drivetrain parts (trucks, wheels, tires, gears?)


Probably not. Obviously replacement parts will be available but i doubt we’ll be making a shop out of it. They’re very easy to maintain, large common fasteners and belts and wheels, so we’ll be able to both send parts out to customers as well as service them in house if absolutely needed.


But have you mentioned the weight? Based on what you told me…this literally weighs half of me. That makes this pretty unusable for most. I’m not even sure if I could lift it comfortably.

I may have to agree with @onloop here, but I can see it from your perspective as well where you may have customers who want lower priced boards so you start reselling things.

Whenever someone asks me “where do I buy the fastest pre-built board”, I point them to you. That custom deck with a ridiculous high speed is your niche. The high speed, long range, custom design is what LHB is.

But as I said I see the other side of things also. It would be nice to get extra cash and quit your day job to turn your passion into a career. But I wonder if reselling things is the best way to do it? I’m no business expert. What about making custom boards that are less expensive? Smaller decks with limited customization (something that does not take a lot of time for you), smaller battery packs that get you maybe 10 miles of range, dual drive still but smaller motors that cost you less, focbox still for esc, and generic clone wheels only. That’s gotta shave off a lot of the cost. If you do that there will at least still be that made by LHB/minor custom aspect to it.


There is a guy that lives in my neighborhood with one of these things. He rides it on the sidewalk and tows his entire family behind him on what I’m going to describe as home-made pallets with wheels on them. I really wish I had a picture of it…


it weighs 80 pounds. Its not for speed or portability or even casual riding really. Its for destroying trails filled with mud and water and sticks and rocks and shit.

And despite thier prioce they’re not cheaply made.

Also i’m not going to stop making customs. I’m so tired of the “You can’t do this thing because your doing that other thing” fuck all of you i’ll do both if i want.

Anyway i’m not selling them. The guy with the inventory is working another angle.