Muirskate closing down.... Is esk8 tech disrupting trends?


A monumental shift in trends in the Skateboard / Longboarding industry has been happening over the last few years.

“Longboarding” seems to be fading out of popularity. Recently the largest Longboarding forum “Silverfish” shut down, now one of the largest retailers of Longboarding products is closing shop.

My guess is kids these days would prefer to ride Esk8, so this economic shift is likely due to the growth in popularity of Electric Skateboards.

What do you think is to blame for this?


I don’t think this should be the end. MuirSkate need to adjust, sell as much of their stock as possible and get into ESK8, like you say mate. They have 8000+ ratings as far as company/customer feedback goes, so that would be a beyond solid basis for being a distributor for, say, the Raptor 2 and others.


very sad, hopefully they can reorganize and make a comeback. they’ve got a great brand, and though I’ve only dealt with him over email, Scott seems like a great guy.


I just think longboarding has lost a lot of popularity independent of esk8, particularly as a sport. I think there’s more correlation than causation. I do think there is/was an opportunity to take advantage of esk8’s growth though. I don’t know muirstake’s situation or how long they’ve been in trouble, but as someone who has used their site, it seemed like they could make some tweaks to cater to the esk8 community pretty easily, especially for those interested in kits or DIY. IE: there are a lot of things I don’t like about how Trampa does business, but along the lines of how they were able to move from mountainboards to electric mountainboards. Perhaps Trampa would have suffered the same fate without that pivot, but if that was the case, I wouldn’t then assume that esk8 caused the decline of mountainboarding…