New Boosted Boards launch! (Spoiler: downgrade on wheels and deck)


Meet the Boosted Mini S, Boosted Mini X, Boosted Plus, and Boosted Stealth.

Forget about Loaded Vanguard deck, forget about Orangatang wheels, this time every part is Boosted brand, and guest what!!, same price!!


I like the mini, I’m definitely a kicktail fan.

More information here:


Are you planning a mini R2 around that price? Once all we have our R2s off course lol


Don’t get me wrong; I love the look of the new boards and “if” it’s true and the testing, refining and adapting pays off by bringing all the components in-house, these will be lovely boards to ride and I like the sound of them.

BUT - History tells us that anything new can come with teething problems. And there is no amount of testing you can do that compares to being open to the general public in all different kinds of scenarios.

What we all have with the Loaded Vanguard decks is not only the culmination of the communities input but a premium board by one of the best in the business.

The Stealth looks and sounds brilliant; it being reinforced and with dampening sounds very appealing - but that bamboo look that I have with the v2; with the odd chip here and there… Love it!

I will own a Stealth… I’m sure I will love it. But I don’t feel the full urge to be an early adopter. I probably would if there was spare cash just floating around but I will allow the reviews to come flooding in and any necessary amendments to be made.

Who knows… a v3 might be out by the time my v2 packs it in.


I think I’m gone buy a new board every summer. Either for different scenario’s or to replace an old one with something updated.

Sitting on a Raptor 2 and Ownboard (4.4 Ah with kick tail) this summer as main board and backup board. A mini is on the agenda for next year for sure. Hope Enertion will bring some competition in the semi-mini market for next year :smiley: