Opinion: We Should Ban Cars From Big Cities? Seriously

  • Yes. Ban cars from city’s.
  • No ban.

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A city without cars and just public transportation, bike- and skatelanes would increase quality of life drastically. Of course only if public transportation systems are able to take care of old, ill and disabled people.


thats what i was thinking, this type of system with no cars is great for able body people but there are some that are disables or sick this system of no cars would be very difficult for those people.

Imagine you are home and you become very very sick get a high fever and its raining or snowing out, how will you get to the doctor? you cant be using ambulances to transport people with colds or the people with real emergencies would never get help. I also dont see a doctor coming to your home to treat you as feasible because healthcare cost would skyrocket. Sometimes at the doctors office you have to sit and wait hours before seeing the doctor imagine if they had to come to you? You might be waiting days.


I think the only way this can possibly occur is with a fleet of autonomous on demand cars. Think uber without drivers.

So maybe this article should be titled.

“Should we ban human driven cars”


Sense i moved to the city i agree, but before I moved to the city I would disagree.
If I’m not being selfish I’ll vote no.

Then again American suck at driving (No offence you are in top 5 of worst driver in first world countries)


Maybe only old, ill, and disabled people are allowed to use cars.

I wish they were banned in my city, I exclusively esk8 but I’m the only one. Out of 3 million people. The rest all drive


Wow you sounded selfish, haha


That would take care of most parking problems but wouldn’t be a solution for traffic jam… unless people start sharing rides. Which would be easyer to achieve with autonomous on demand cars.

Hmmm… Maybe without human drivers the roards will be safer and (e-)bikes and e-boards would become more popular in the long term.

We do have alot of car free city centres in The Netherlands. Bicycles dominate there,


this could be the traffic solution. the boring company.


You know what really makes cities unsafe? Aggression from the State when someone does something that is “banned” whether it’s immoral or not. If you are someone who supports the ban then what happens to someone who drives a car in a restricted area? Are you going to aggressively throw them in a metal cage if they don’t pay your fines?


I think the disabled would fair just fine with such a ban, they would just get these and start a new industry and innovation war.


I think the issue with old, disabled or people moving heavy cargo is not as big as you think, the usual solution in car-free areas is to just allow this kind of traffic.

I drove a taxi here in Sweden and we had a key to get in to closed off areas, in order to pick up sick or elderly. Usually this traffic will be very slow and careful since you are not on a road made for cars.