Performance Day! Esk8 Racing Event in SoCal



This is a 4WD vs 4WD race.


These guys timed in .6 from each other… urethane vs pneumatic wheels. @BigBoyToys pneumatics were worn to the cords. Evoheyax in my opinion was one of the best skaters at SPD2 and by far the fastest racer on urethane. These guys put on a clinic…


Seems like the challenge is maintaining corner speed, keeping your line and exiting with good speed wins this race.


It was too tight of a course for me. I had no idea about the course until I got to LA. I scrabbled to make my board as turny as possible, but it’s not a carving board. Its a high speed, high torque commuter board. I literally use the entire road at times to make high speed right turns.

I’m working on some stuff that will help in the future for such sharp turning. I really was at the biggest dis-advantage of any board at the event, due to my lack of turn ability with this board. I was really leaning to get that thing to turn.



By far @evoheyax was the fastest through a corner on thane. You rode the crap outta your board and it was a pleasure to watch you race. Thanks for racing with us.


I also think shorter wheel base would be an advantage on these short turny tracks.

@evoheyax did you happen to give an R2 a run around this course? Jeff must have been drunk or something, his time was double yours :wink:

Damn wish I was there… Love this shit.


Top3 qualifiers we’re within .2 seconds of each other. Long wheelbase boards. One had a 42" wheelbase. All 3 respectively won their classes.


The race track you Designed was a skill test primary, performance test 2nd. You need to scale it up next time.

Ain’t nothing wrong with a technical track though. But personally I would prefer outdoor go-cart track scale.


As we dig into different track sizes and configurations it will be an interesting journey finding out what a balanced track ends up being.


Also have to balance the danger factor as we get started. There were some wrecks throughout the day. A few people were nursing road rash the next day. With time manufacturers will want to marry good equipment with good riders to get the recognition for their brand. That combo should win on any track regardless of how technical the course is.


If the tracks are small and don’t test what the community is interested in like board performance top speed on straights and hard breaks coming into tight corners. No one will care how these events go down. You keep saying with time stuff will happen but the way I see it is thats not true unless the races were legitimate. Our courses need to mimic racetracks like silverstone, goodwood, and other grand Prix circuits not a parking lot with cones. The location is a tough hurdle to get over for most of us, so some sort of racing circuit in addition to a national bracket system or something would need to be implemented to actually understand how riders compare. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like our community is big enough or aggressive enough to support this quite yet… Maybe we’ll see esk8 brands sponsoring riders and events in the future but this whole thing was sort of a bummer to watch as an esk8 enthusiast but spsd outsider.


I can tell you that for anyone that participated, it was no where near a bummer. One of the best days I’ve had on an esk8 and we’ve done some coool group rides before. Is it an ideal track? Nowhere near it. Did it test the ability of every rider and the performance of every board? You bet ya!

These sorts of events are not easy to organize. I’ve contacted almost every go cart track in Southern California and none of them will let us run because of insurance reasons.

At spd1 we set up a figure 8 time attack race. That is something that can be replicated and used worldwide for competitive times. But it’s not side by side racing. Seeing someone come in too hot on a turn and taking out another rider is something unique to this type of racing. It’s an adrenaline rush and a real physical and mental test for those that participated. It may not give you the same feeling when you watch from the outside but for those that took the risk of racing their board, it was well worth it.


Testing the waters. A cautious approach using what is known with an educated guess as to what result you would like to see works for most. Opening up speed sections and having a Grand Prix style course is something I agree everyone would like to see. Keep in mind the common demographic here is the guys racing mostly ride cruiser boards. This is to my knowledge the only Esk8 race ever held with open manufacturer/ builder diversity. I think the track layout complimented the diverse talent pool, was technical enough to tax the riders skills and the straightaway showed who had decent Acceleration an braking. Fact is no one knows what a well race prepped E-sk8 looks like. All we have is what is known and what we have to work with. The idea of racing Electric Skateboards is still in it’s infancy. I think this will eventually evolve into an affordable sport. Right now we must work with what we have and not deject the people who enjoy it by giving them too much to chew on. I can only suggest to you @Prohotpead, do something in your area. Maby your thoughts and measures are what we all need. :checkered_flag: