Pictures from Raptor 2 Event - Chicago


Had a great time at the event. @MojaFilm thanks for hosting the event. It was nice talking to everyone there. If you can attend one in your locale I highly recommend it.

Lots of different boards showed up: Evolve, Raptor1, Boosted, Onewheel, DIYs and myself on the Ollin Freeride. Really nice chance to try out boards you mostly only read about.

One of the few DIY boards there, Mike vacuumed formed the enclosure in his school’s shop - props.

Badass sticker

@barajabali and the skate park carwash guy

Take the high road, low road, or whatever road you want

Moja and Enertion’s excellent photographer/tour captain

Sibling rivalry

Deck swapping the Raptor 2, took about 20 minutes - nice feature

Into the city

Beating the rain

Rain Plan:

  1. Save the boards
  2. Save the beer

Previous cargo and Andrew

When the rain ended


I hate correcting people, but it should always be:

2.Save the board

Because it’s hard to do any electronic without a cold one… :grin:


Love it man lol Im gonna frame that homeless guys picture


The Raptor 2 deck swap looks like it’s been done with a Loaded Tesseract, does anyone know how it handled? Id like to try this, apperantly there’s a bit of flex in this board.