Pre Order #13XXX Raptor-2-Dual-Hub + BOOSTPACK + Shipping = €1.327,71 Euros



Is there anyone who is interested in buying a pre-order that has a short delivery window?
I am selling my pre order #13XXX for €1.327,71 Euros, including :

  • Raptor-2-Dual-Hub (AUS2,079.00)

  • R2-BOOSTPACK (AUS78.00)

  • Shipping (€0.00)

  • Discount (-AUS215.70)

  • Total (AUS1,941.30) in Euros 1.327,71

The order was placed in 25 July 2017 and according to the queue is going to shipped in this month (April). The warranty is still transferable.


Are you sure about that Raptor 2 price? Or are you making profit (which is allowed ofcours but isn’t clear from your post)

The price for which you can preorder a Raptor 2 right now is 1,285.43 in Euro’s.


Yeah, price was never that nearly that high… orders in the #13000 range were at the same price as they are now and already had the boostpack included (not needed to pay as an option… I had an order in the 12XXX range)…

Maybe he meant AUD instead of Euros? (the order confirmation email was in AUD currency, despite the price being in USD (for me) whilst ordering)

…or maybe he’s selling two?! :wink:


Yeah that how much I payed at 25 July 2017, no profit, I can show the invoice.


Really sorry about confusing the currency, the pre-order price is 1.327,71 euros there is somebody interested in?


jadatmag right you are, I made a confusing about the currency, I have just updated the price for whom interesting make offer. Thanks


Hi Dan, I might be interested in buying your pre-order!
I’ve sent you a private message.

Best regards,


Hi Dion,

Could you please, contact me on facebook messenger first?