Protection materials during heatwaves

Hi all,

As you know Europe is suffering from heatwaves for couples of weeks. In Paris this week heatpeak was near 41°C and it is the second one week duration heatwaves since june!

I have to renew my protection material as I was recycling very light roller blade or hybrid city/mountain bike protection materials.
As I gonna switch to NAZARE Lacroix board.
from autumn to spring period I will probably switch to Carbon/TSG helmet and flatland3d or sector 9 protection with the right knees and pads.
But for summer and specially heatwaves period, I really don’t know what to use to protect my body and head.

Do you have some suggestion?
ride target: mixte of urban (daily use home to office and way back) and light allroads during weekend.
Protection have to be weared over suit/taylor-made suit as I am a manager with many commercial/technical meetings (business day), and shorts/boardshort during weekend.

Hi Guys,
Please, an easy answer could be:
List your materials with comments about on heat protection (Very Good, Good, Std, bad, Worst)
Very Good: you feel cooler than expected, you are not sweating at all (during ride and stop)
Good: When riding you feel cooler than expected, you are not sweating. when Stopped, warm is coming.
Std: you feel warm and sweat a little beat when riding but you are not suffering from heat.
Bad: You can feel the heat, but 30 min or less ride are ok, even if you are sweating.
Very Bad: Do not expect to be able to use it without 1L of water to drink before and a full shower after. Except if you are working into a (french) cheese factory, your smeeling after a 5 minutes ride will not compatible with business activity!