Protective Gear & Accessories


Just figured I’d start a thread for reviewing available protective gear out there in regards to our experience with esk8. I was interested in G-Form pads until seeing reviews on reddit & amazon.

I’ve got a few helmets, but lately I’m looking into the Overade folding helmet

Anybody have any experience with it? Fall durability, comfort, etc?

Feel free to go nuts with other protective suggestions as well as what accessories you’re looking forward to using with your R2/other board.


I always use my TSG Pass full face helmet and I never realized how much a full face helmet helps until my friend let me ride his board but I didn’t have my helmet so I used his bern open face helmet and man I had all kinds of shit hit me in the face at speed and it sucks.


I use Protec, feels good on my head.


Anyone know of any brands that make a low profile XL helmet? (61-63cm) might be xxl in some brands.


Protec helmets are the best for low profile. Very common for skater’s


I have Overade Plixi, have some pics on the Google Photos and .builders forum thread:

(click to open album)

The foldable aspect is awesome. I mean, I just fold it and throw in or on the backpack, no bulk. It actually fits inside of my existing helmet :slight_smile: I also got the visor, rain cover, and visibility stickers, all of which I like very much. They are very easy to put on or off. Simple design yet very ingenious. It is on the pricier side but oh well, once you press the buy button it’s all water under the bridge :slight_smile:

I have no fall experiences with it, knock on wood. It doesn’t feel that sturdy, feels like I have less protection. Comfort is alright, you get 3 different sizes of pads which you can combine as you see fit. Also, very airy, perfect for summer.

Happy with the purchase, but I will not throw my main Giro helmet. Few issues:

  • (subjective) feeling of less protection
  • lack of protection on the back of the head (due to design obviously)
  • when using rain cover you can fold it with the cover but backside will tend to spring open (because, tension)


my full set up is not ideal at this point but atleast its better than nothing
-TSG pass helmet
-Killer 187 pro knee pads (way over kill for eskate go for the derby knee pads)
-Razor elbow pads (cheap but it saved my elbow from full impact on the pavement at 15mph)

  • open finger bike gloves (comfy but wont give much abrasion protection.)

i want better gloves and elbow pads


I really like this helmet design, might have to get one. Great for travel!


I have a TSG pass helmet and a protec helmet. I like the open face helmet better because I put on and take off my sunglasses frequently as I go under bridges and through the woods. I only wear my super big knee pads at the pool. In my experience what’s most likely to get injured street skateboarding is hips and elbows but that’s just scrapes and bruises. The typical broken bone is the left wrist. That’s because the majority of people are right handed and ride standard which puts the left hand in double jeopardy as not only is it the weaker arm in both muscle mass and bone strength, it’s also more likely to hit the ground first taking brunt of the impact .


Gotta love the Ruroc helmetns


if you are on a super tight budget & want some half decent wrist, knee & elbow pads. Check this out:


These are sickkkkk

@onloop - how does these feel on your head compared to something like a cheap triple 8 helmet or a TSG? I’m thinking of ordering one.