Raptor 2 axle/motor wobble


Has anyone with a raptor 2 had a lose rear axle? It seems where the axle joins the truck may be lose, as I wiggle it and it makes a knocking noise? Not too sure if it’s the axle or motor knocking.
I contacted support two days ago, but they still haven’t given me a reply.
Thanks for any info.


Make a short video showing the problem and post it.


I took the rear truck apart and yes the axle was lose, which I have since tightened. In saying that the motor housing also has play in it which makes a knocking noise.


Hello Scott!

Please check your inbox. I hope the solution I have offered is acceptable for you.


My motors have made that knocking noise when braking accelerating for a long time it’s actually worse since I replaced a faulty motor.


Thank you Bara, I have replied to your email.
I appreciate the response and possible solution.


My rear axle snapped at the point where the wheel meets the truck, causing my wheel to pop off. Not sure if this counts


I checked mine and there are no cracks but it was slightly loose.
Bara has been in contact and it will go back and be checked over. Problems happen, and if they take responsibility and fix it, I can’t ask much more than that.


If you are with Bara now, then you are in good hands buddy :slight_smile:


So is there a fix for the lose motor housing and knocking?


The board is going back to be looked over, not too sure what the solution will be. It’s not something I can fix though.


So I have had my board looked at and sent back to me after an offer was made to go over it and make sure everything was in order.
The issues were a knocking motor and a loose rear axle, which I fixed myself by applying Loctite and tightening the axle down before sending off.
I get the board back and notice that the knocking motor hasn’t been fixed or replaced, with no explanation given. Maybe they didn’t think it was abnormal?
I ride the board to work setting off before the sun comes up, and notice it doesn’t seem quiet right but couldn’t put my finger on it. After 5 KMs I decide to have a real close look and found the rear axle nut, just hanging on. The picture is exactly how I found it.
WTF? I send the board back due to missed QC and I get it back not only with an unrepaired motor but a loose axle nut? Ironic that an enertion video is devoted to checking axle nuts before riding…!
Once again emailed support with my concerns with no reply, so maybe they will read this.


Your image doesn’t load


Sorry, have fixed the picture.


I’m wondering if my wobbly rear wheel is a motor problem or a uelrethane problem. What is the official fix for wobbly wheel?


Take off the outwheels and spin the motors up. That should tell you if it’s the motor or not.


Good call. I did that and it’s definitely the urethane. :expressionless:


Another option would be to put the wobbling wheel on the opposite motor and see if it wobbles. If it does, its definitely the outwheel