Raptor 2 Custom Programming Tool



So you heard the Raptor 2 is a beast?

With this tool you can tame the beast, even make it safe for kids.

This is a Windows only software tool that allows you to control the Raptor 2 performance characteristics from your computer.



  • Rider weight based performance presets
  • Low-speed & High-speed torque/brake control
  • Throttle curve programming
  • Fault checking
  • Motor detection & setup
  • Real Time Data Analysis
  • BLDC & FOC toggle

Based upon the VESC® Open Source Project


To those on Mac like me there’s many different ways to use a windows program on OSX. So don’t worry.


I found Qt5Core.dll online somewhere, but then it needs Qt5Gui.dll, etc etc… Seems like you need to package the program correctly with the Qt dependencies. This might be useful: https://wiki.qt.io/Deploy_an_Application_on_Windows


Thanks but that is just way over my head! I’m a simple man. I just need something to work ‘straight out of the box’.


The android app is capable of doing all (most of) this stuff anyway.

However, we will continue to work on making these tools easier to use. All in good time.


You don’t seem to understand, the program is not working at all right now. It does not start, gives the above error message. You guys need to include the Qt dll’s with the exe file.


sorry, your right, seems some files missing.

please download again.

probably need to provess order agin, sorry.


I’ll upload the Mac version tomorrow


Grezt news!


Yep, now it’s working!


That’s better.
Thanks :+1:.


I haven’t run Windows in a decade. Is there a linux version available @onloop? I just got my raptor 2 today. :slight_smile:


Hey does anyone know how to get connection to controller?

I have it plugged in via usb but doesn’t connect…

Edit : can I make my controller default to mirror mode?


17 days later, still waiting for this??


WOW!.. it was on my list of things to do… my list is clearly too long … sorry for the delay.


So I just got my Raptor 2.

It’s an absolute beast, I love it.

I’m trying to tweak the settings so I can adjust it to my style but I can’t even figure out how to hook it up to my computer.

Anyone have links to tutorials or anything on how to use the above program? Can’t find anything online.


@onloop Can we get a linux version of this tool? I haven’t used Windows in over a decade.


Seriously looking for a user guide for this program… not even sure how to connect to my laptop…


I agree!! Can someone make i tutorial with real values so that will be easier for anybody else to follow at least to get you started


You need to open the up the battery case and connect it via USB (serial connection). Considering the current issue with IP65 seal after the case is opened I would just leave it for now. Unless you want to figure out waterproofing by yourself. They did claim they will eventually send out replacement parts to fix the issue with the waterproofing. The original BLDC tool actually has a connect with Bluetooth function sadly the Enertion version does not have it. Hopefully they will add it in the future.

For now just use the android VESC monitor tool with which you can change between the preprogrammed modes since with the controller there is only slow and R-Spec. Also keep in mind every time you turn your board on and off you will have to reselect the mode you want through the APP.