Raptor 2 First Ride/ First Impressions



Got it in the mail the other day, charged it up and took it for a spin!

Incredibly powerful! This thing will put you on your ass of you’re not careful! However in beginner mode (through the switch on the remote) the brakes are soft, especially since this doesn’t limit speed. If you wanna go with the softer takeoff, use the app to select a mode instead of the switch. This will allow for MUCH more controlled starts and stops.

Incredibly quiet! Even compared to 6354s on FOC mode, this thing is whisper quiet!

Incredibly beautiful! Just running your hands along the sleek board and the perfectly machined trucks is a feeling of excellence. Such a feeling of quality. So glad I picked one up!

Have fun! Be safe! Ride on!


Thanks for your short review, every line about a raptor 2 helps me and other customers with the waiting process. So are you thinking for changing the slow mode so that it has better brakes? From what I heard so far the brakes might be too weak in slow mode.


JayBoston made a youtube on Slow mode and R-spec mode.
I may say, its a good reference.


Yep he seems to say that the brakes in slow mode are too weak. But he also doesn’t seem to know about untightening bushings and Changing them for more carve, and sometimes ride with work boots. So i take his opinions with a pinch of salt.


The slow mode on the remote just limits the ppm signal to the receiver and basically tells the FOCBOX to only give (approximately) 60% of the full signal, fine for acceleration, but since it didn’t limit the full speed, it’ll still go all out, just a bit longer to get there. But give it only 60% brakes and, well, you’ll overshoot your mark. This is what i kept doing. It was slowing me down, sure, but not as quick at I wanted.

And since it is just a hardware switch, there is no setting the slow mode (through the remote) with better brakes. The solution it to use the app and adjust it in software.

I just used the advanced mode in the Vesc monitor app and set it up as the default. It is pretty close to what I am used to and feels about right. I did soften the throttle curve to take some of the twitchiness out of it - but this is because I am used to a trigger remote. I also tried out the mirror throttle (just hold the button on the side for about 5sec) and that feels a bit more natural to me.

But that’s the thing with the Raptor2. It’s so customizable unlike any other production board out there. It’s great out of the box, but just a few tweaks if you want and it’s exceptional!


Can you post some screenshots? :slight_smile:


DPD just deliver my new toy today!!! in the Netherlands, EU.
i took it for a spin no more than 15 minuts, first impresion are good, some small details on the finish that it could be better, but i think i will be able to live with it.
It is powerfull board for a hub motors, and they look very good quality, just i have some concerns about the thane, it feels too soft, if i spin the motors with out any load the thane starts to separate from the hub. Doesn’t seems right but lets see how it goes with some km on them.
And yes, the hubs got hot quickly, if i compare with mi dual belted 6355.
Tomorrow i will compare temperatures with the thermometer just for the hell of it.
The board it feels sturdy, quite and is so smooth, you gonna love the FOCsound!!
Is such smooth that i think my dual 6355, same battery with 16/36, 83mm has more torque, more punch, but this can be because of the smoothnesssss, so much power undercontrol!!
In other hand something that really didn’t like it is the nano x, it feels so cheap plastic and the switch for on/off looks like it will fall apart quite soon. Time will say it !
And just couple questions to @enertionsupport.
It is possible to update the firmware to vesc-tool 3.29? or this will void the warranty? Same for the remote, can be changed or it will void the warranty?
Also do you know if is in the oven a new thane formula??? Thanks Adrian!.

P.D. i see so many NL peeps with Raptor2, let’s meet and ride!!!


@surfer Glad you got your R2 and didn’t have to pay any added customs/import charges!

RE: the thane, this is a known issue and we’re constantly working at improving the wheel formula - we will get these wheels to customers at minimal cost, or have the option of getting them free with the purchase of our soon-to-be-released 97mm and 100mm Crossover AT wheels, so stay tuned.

RE: firmware changes - We do not recommend that you change the firmware on either of these components, because we’ve worked tirelessly to make sure that the firmware that comes as standard is both high-performance, and reliable. We feel that it’s in a rider’s best interest to keep the software as it is, and use our BLDC tool (available for free DL via our website)as well as @ackmaniac’s VESC-monitor app to control the settings of your Raptor 2.

RE: Warranty - yes, it voids the warranty, if you change the firmware. We’re not saying don’t change it - that is always your choice, but if it were me - i see no benefit in altering it.


If you use the app and then change on the controller, does it overide the app settings?
For example, i put on 60 % power in the app with full braking power.
Then i switch to easy mode on remote, does it go to 60% of the 60% power?
If i switch back does it go back to 100% power? (have not changed settings in app)


Curiosity, what’s that small detail?


@ Surfer “some small details on the finish that it could be better” I am also curious too. Will be good to know what they are. From a portability perspective are the handles in the right place to carry the board around? Does the board always lean towards the rear direction of the board when you carry it ?


i mean small things, like the cover for the cables doesn’t fit good on the recesion made in the deck is not deep enoght on that spot.

And the varnish or paint has a rough finished, just a cosmetic thing.
Nothing really important.

The overall is amazing, i think Jason did put very high the standart of the skate industry.