Raptor 2 Mods and Deck Swaps


What mods have you done so far?

Right now I’m actually just looking for a good material to wrap around the handles which look abused pretty quickly. Do you think tennis handle wrap would work? Some guy used a leather string I think, how did that work out? How did you tie the ends?


I’ve used the tennis handle wrap in other builds of mine and it works great. It’s got that soft cushy feeling to it and would probably be perfect for what you’re looking for.


Evo falcon deck, 12S4P battery and vesc6 if those count as mods :stuck_out_tongue:


Its too bad those wheels will only last you a couple weeks. Nice board dude!


Yeah that part sucks… maybe if I can manage to get heat away it’ll help. If not belt drives it is and the raptor feel is gone :stuck_out_tongue:


The wheels deteriorate because of bad urathane mix not cause of the heat. My 90mm front wheels made in California have no wear at all but my front 97mm and crossover front wheels (made in china) are just as torn up as my rears


Extreme heat can’t be good anyways.

Another mod btw. Custom hanger.


A bit more beefy than the stock hanger. Time will tell if it cools better :slight_smile:


Wow if you make another rear truck like that lmk I’m insterested in buying one.


If it works I can prolly make some. I’m pretty clueless at this longboard thing so I’m not sure it designed like it should be… I lack the raptor baseplate but the holes/axles/“thingie that goes into the baseplate” has similar spacing so it’s made to fit stock baseplate. One thing I see tho is that with my random baseplate when I tighten up the bushing pretty hard it kinda leans towards one end of the hole. If I just tighten it slightly it’s fine but I can’t run with it that loose since it’s very shaky then.


Depending on what my motor temperatures will be on my stock Raptor 2. I’m in for a groupbuy :smiley:

If I don’t lose warranty…


I’ve never seen anyone measure a stock one. Maybe it’s not a problem at all. I just felt that when it was to hot to touch the hanger after just some short pulls I had to address it. I’m 100kg tho and running 12S (10S is stock I think) so I’m prolly pushing it harder than stock setup will do. I hope it’s possible to make it even better so will thinker some more with the design. To not clutter up this thread to much with hangers follow this thread on the builders forum for more details/design changes.


BEAST MODE! Nice work



Is there a way to set the battery min to something less than the current hard limit of -12 (for example -16) to incease braking power at high speeds without losing warranty?

Or maybe with losing warranty only to the battery?

I’m deciding wether I want to get funky with the firmware for stronger braking at high speed. Hope you can help!



Technically, changing the firmware to anything other than what we intend to be on the Raptor can void the warranty. For better braking, I would use the 90mm wheel size :slight_smile:

The brakes are pretty strong though to be honest. Why do you want to go even stronger? The wheels may just skid, Unless that is what you are trying to do?


Even on my modded board with settings that void warranty I feel the breaks are weak but I’m heavier than the average rider (100kg) so that’s prolly why. Same as many are saying that they almost get thrown off by the acceleration and here I am at 12S 60A looking for more torque since It’s struggling uphill :stuck_out_tongue: Prolly easier to drop dead weight lol


I’m only 68kg and braking at high speed is horrible. I thought my new R2 had better brakes at high speed but after a couple rides it’s back to being horrible again. Pretty scary when you’re going 30mph and need to stop quickly.


This is me fully braking from top speed, I wanted to catch that moped:

The skidding comes in at the very end when I’m going very slow. Before that I don’t even have to change my stand as you can see in the clip.

Can I only lose warranty on the battery? :smiley:

Edit: 90 mm btw


Every Raptor 2 does this, problem is you have push the board hard enough to this point and not many people do. It’s the worst thing about the board because at least Enertion acknowledges other problems but to them this.dosnt exist and it’s not a problem.


Yep. Its a major problem. Especially when those get used to the board and start going full speed. Full speed is cool and all, but not when you can’t stop. My belt drive is perfect when it comes to braking. R2 shitty brakes vs my DIY build brakes video coming soon.