Raptor 2 — Part 2 — The Comprehensive Comparison – Michael Gatti – Medium


It’s finally done! :blush:


Hi Mick, this was really nice read. Extremely comprehensive, used all the boards I have consider buying, so I’m so happy that I went for Raptor. It’s harder to wait for it now.

Anyways, love the article, structure, details, hill climb especially and looking forward to reading more of your stuff!



Thanks bro. Glad I could help. Pity it is so time consuming. If only I got paid for it! Haha.


Sadly, an OP from reddit wants refund from its JedBoard pre-order and is basing its decision from your comprehensive review.
Great review, btw.
Thank you.


Didnt get why this is sad? Reviews are the best help when you need to make a decition


I don’t think Jed Boards will lose any sleep over a cancelled pre-order. It will be interesting to see and ride the production model, that’s for sure.


Yup, JedBoard PR people already took everything under control.


That Jed board canceling post is a troll post. The guy is called whinepuss and his account is one day old.


Thanks for the part 2! This just makes me wanna have my board even more!!
I did not think that the raptor 2 would kick ass as much uphill as it does, specially sense it got hubs :smiley:
Glad I ordered this board and not any of the others i thought of :slight_smile:


Thanks pal! Hopefully you’re not waiting much longer till yours arrives. :+1:t3: