Raptor 2 wall mount



So, i have this home made wall mount for my DIY board, mounted in the hallway next to the apartment door.

I would like to have something similar for my Raptor2, for a convenient out of the way storage and charging. However since it’s not a flat deck, the same style won’t work.

So how to mount it? some sort of hook for the top wheels? Smaller ones for the handles? It’s also alot heavier so i’d like for it to be sturdy and hold the board still so it doesn’t wobble while connecting the charger.

Is there any commercial solutions that fit?


This came with my Meepo board and I find it just fine. They sell for $10-$15 on the Meepo website and the usual Chinese ones like Aliexpress.


How heavy is a meepo? I’d still like to have it the other way around, so you can check the battery and charge and such


I used a Tornado hook mount that’s is sold at Home Depot it will hold the weight but you need to secure it to a wall stud if you install it on the dry wall your Raptor is gona be on the floor lol


Meepo weighs maybe half but weight is not an issue on a proper surface, like Battosaii pointed.

I have it mounted to the side of my IKEA bedroom wardrobe and it can easily support even my 13KG mountain-board (although it doesn’t fit properly) -and that’s using just 2 screws instead of 4. The bottom wheels push against the surface, reducing the vertical force on the mount but pretty sure it would still be ok otherwise.

If you want it to face the other way, you could try something like that

, that

, or that


I got this for my R2, works great


Yeah i might just go for something similar in the end since there does not really seem to be anything more like what i’m looking for.

although i’d still mount a backing of plywood or similar behind it, not very fond of the idea of resting the board directly against the wallpaper!


I have some dirty spots on my wall from the wheels but nothing a magic eraser cant fix.


Available at any hardware store, maybe even in your shed. The wheels stick out further than the board. So you could even make this with wooden planks or anything else that can support the weight.