Raptor maintenance - Bearings lubrication?



It’s winter. Snow… So while I wait for dry roads again, I would like to prepare the raptor2 for spring.

I read https://enertionboards.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/333757054196-How-to-maintain-your-R2 and watched the video, but I need an advice on choosing the right lubrication, since there are a LOT of different meanings out there on the forums, end even Enertion mentions different products (WD40 white lithium grease and CorrosionX), while others claim that WD40 is no good, and Bones Speed Cream or Ionic flux is the only good products…

Any thoughts / experiences you care to share ?

Bonus info: Raptor 2.0 with black motors


Sure Bones Speed Cream could work for the front wheels but keep in mind the temperature rating for back wheels.
I use wd40 white lithium and it seems to do the job.

PS. I thought you got the silver motors?


Our new Silver motors shouldn’t need to be lubricated but I would be lying if I said that it was a bad idea!

You should always maintain your board after riding in wet conditions.

I would use any bearing grease like white lithium grease, corrosion x grease, etc. You cant really go wrong here