Raptor: What range are you getting in cold weather?



I’m riding my 2.1 in Denmark where it’s currently between 5-15c and I’m getting around 18-20km range with medium riding intensity and few to no hills. I’ve noticed voltage sag around 25% battery remaining (might also be overheating, but I wouldn’t expect that at 5-15c ambient temps).

What are your experiences? I’m looking forward to seeing how the summer weather is going to affect range, hopefully for the better.


What surfaces are you riding? What average speed? How much do you weight? How many stops/acceleration? How hard do you accelerate? You riding in wind? Are there inclines on your rides? Do you -ever- kick?

I’ve had my range vary between 13 and 40 km’s purely on weather conditions, riding style and surface/inclines along the ride.

  • With 13 km’s being full front wind, mostly full speed, medium carving, mostly full acceleration, at 90 KG’s AUW (all up weight), on sidewalk stones and good tarmac, lots of stops acceleration, a few small inclines. This was done at 10-15 Celsius outside with a starting temperature of around 18 Celsius for the battery .
  • And 40 km’s on kicking 2-3 times at every acceleration, on good tarmac, never exceeding 25 km’s per hour, no carving, very few stops/acceleration, few small inclines and at 80 KG’s AUW. This was done at about 5-10 Celsius outside with a starting temperature of about 18 Celsius on the battery.

It’s hard to asses range on a single dry number as 18-20 KM’s which could totally be normal depending on the aforementioned conditions.

I can ride beside my buddy with a Raptor 2 who is 10 KG’s heavier and have 30% less battery left by not kicking and playing with the accel/brake much more after a ride. Al these numbers are guesstimates but should be pretty close.



Yes. In 10c and a bit of wind I get about 20 km or 60 minutes of ride time, with 10% battery to spare.