Rattle noise, in front? *Fixed*


EDIT: The fix was tightening the kingpin nut, even more.

Any one know what causes this rattle sound?

It’s only in the front, on ruff pavements at any speed.
All screws, nuts and bolts are tight.

I don’t think it’s Raptor specific, as i had other boards with the same rattle. I forgot how i fixed it.

Lose battery? bearings? truck? softer wheels?

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Hmm mine does not rattle, I’d open up the cover and check for any loose components or any hot glue that came undone.


I think the same thing happened on my Landyachtz Evo. It was related to the trucks so I think I tightened the screws that connected the trucks to the deck.


I believe that @cacokes Is correct! Tighten your hardware with the included skatetool!


Thanks for the suggestions.
I have tightened every thing even more and looked in the etray. Still rattles.

I think it’s from the wheels.
I will do some testing with the bearings and the spacers inside next.
On my ride today I noticed it rattles more at low speed.


Okay, Please keep me updated on what you find!


OK, i think i figured it out. 99% of rattle is gone :heart_eyes:
For testing purpose i put sponge in places where metal meets metal.


After this test, the rattle stopped.
Then I did tighten the kingpin nut, even more.

I guess it was my fault thinking it was tight enough as the carving was so stiff to begin with. Coming from cone/barrel bushing setup, to barrel/barrel, felt tight to begin with.

TIL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Side note, the carving on the R2 isn’t half bad. I expected way worse but once you get the hang of it, it carves pretty deliciously :+1:

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Awesome! Thanks for the follow up!


I had this problem and your solution totallly fixed it for me. Thanks for sharing!