Riders in Sweden



Do we have any riders in Sweden?
What city are you in?
What board do you got?

I got myself a Landwheel that’s not so reliable but will soon get my Raptor 2! :smiley:


Hey @Thelol182
I’m in Stockholm and also ride the Landwheel on a daily basis.
I’ve actually have two of them but I managed to kill on of them, but new ones will be shipped in September. But then I’ll also get the Raptor 2 and also a DIY kit.
Otherwise I’ve two other boards.

Where are you?


Hello, We’ve talked thru instagram already hehe, Gothenburg.
So you decided to get Raptor 2? thought you were going with DIY kit instead of raptor?


Yes that’s right, but I took over a pre order today from a friend who needed cash and has been waiting since february.
But the DIY will also come sometime in sept :slight_smile:


I’m located in Malmö and ride a Meepo and an EGO-2 currently. Waiting for the Raptor 2 to arrive.


What’s the Meepo like?? Is it truest the best board for the price period? (like they say)


Lund, Raptor 2


Halmstad, DIY Boosted Clone!


Do you have one already!? :smiley:


Ah no, I should have expressed myself in another way. Although I am in the low 8xxx range so should be among the first in the “second” shippment.


DIY-board almost good to go. Just have to mount enclosure…
Single drive 6374 motor with a 10s4p pack


Any of you ever in Gothenburg? :slight_smile:


once every 5-10 years :smile:


oh damn haha


From Hässleholm skåne, got liion pack single motor board. Anyone intrested in a GB?


Group ride*


Hi, I’m in Gothenburg - where do you buy your board? Do you prefer online/in-store?


I’ve only bought online :slight_smile:


Malmö. Waiting for raptor 2. Have a diy board since a few years. Got stolen and abused a few months ago. Needs a new matlåda then it’s good to go.


Know of any group rides in Malmö?