So Cal Performance Day - Race Event 11/11/17



Calling all PRODUCTION board owners with the need for SPEED. Here is your opportunity to put up or shut up. SPD2 will be a road coarse designed to test your ability to ride… Whether you think you will dominate the field or run for fun this will be a corner stone for Esk8 racing and should not be missed.

Electric Skateboard Racing! who's out there


I’ve pinned your event globally, you will get exposure to 3000 eskers each day until the event!


Sweet! I’m there and bringing my boosted board for the dual motor class.



SPD2 track layout design to compliment PRODUCTION BOARD performance. Whether you ride a Boosted, Blink, Meepo a Evolve or Inboard. Track focus will be about making smooth turns. Short straightaways will keep riders in a turn for most of the course. A no cost event. SPD2 is about having a fun day and Bragging Rights! Plenty of time to hone your skills and be race ready for SPD2. The adrenaline rush is the best but most importantly, chicks dig it and are also invited to race.:checkered_flag:


Is anybody else out there thinking about planning an event like the SPD event @NummThumz and our SoCal group did. What he has done is standardized a few measurable events and SPD has set the bar for the rest of the country. So here is how it works. Our SPD group has the fastest boards recorded in the country, Period. Get organized Regionally. Get ahold of @NummThumz and get the details of what he did. If we get enough regions holding speed trials we can eventually hold national events for setting national records. I want to see the 1% grow. You can ask anyone who participated at SPD and they will say it was their funnest day esk8ing ever.:checkered_flag:.


I think standards are a great idea. It will help small crews put together an event and make their results meaningful globally.

I love that you are thinking about production boards.


The cruise that we did a couple of weeks ago was pretty fun, too, but not quite the same adrenaline rush! :mask:

I’m looking forward to SPD2 and think this one will be even better. If we can get side by side racing going, it will be epic. Can’t wait!


I’m bringing my raptor 2 & cartons woo woo


There will be plenty of time to get familiar with the race course during hotlap sessions before we start racing :checkered_flag: hope to see you make good use if those grab handles on your R2.:+1:


Racing isn’t for everyone but anyone who has a desire to, can do it. Of all riders on boards, production board riders make the bulk of us all. My thoughts are that production board racing is going to be the foundation classes for entry level Racers wanting to give it a try. As we get organized and grow, my hope is to see production board manufacturers backing riders and using the feedback from the Racers to better their products. Race on Sunday sell on Monday. Manufacturer againsed manufacturer againsed privateer.


SPD2 just around the corner. This is a great opportunity if you ride a production board and would like see how you measure up to other production boards and riders. Open to all makes of boards and skill levels. SPD2 will be a heat race and main event race structure. Course design will be right and left hand turns on a closed course configuration. So get those toe and heel turns tightened up and hope to see some good production board racing. Can’t wait to see what Production boards and riders will be championed on the 11th. :checkered_flag:


Its rumored Evolve world champion J-Morgan will be racing in the Dual Production Class. @on1y is bringing an R2 along with an arsenal of boards. The Evolve will get through the corners well and the R2 will kill it on acceleration. Should be interesting to watch these boards compete… Hey @onloop It would be cool if you put up a manufacturers incentive for a R2 if it wins the Dual Production Class :checkered_flag:


Sounds good, I’m open to suggestions here…

So you mean if the raptor 2 rider wins he gets a prize?


Manufacturer incentive could be factory support for future event (s), Become a beta tester for future Prototype parts. Could be a 1 off helmet or that signifies your brand. Gonna be Bragging Rights for sure and the kind of person who can win an event like this is worth it. Gotta make worth while first for your brand. Been my experience that racers just wanna win races. Sounds simple enough but getting some factory support is a huge feather in the hat to a racer, it bolsters confidence in the product their racing and is an intimidation factor on race day which is also helpful. Competition is good for business drives markets and makes people compelled to compare and compete. Would like to see your brand well represented in this :checkered_flag:


6 days to SPD2 Stock Production Single Motor, Stock Production Dual, Custom Single, Custom Dual, Custom Quad, Open Class.


Drive train shot. 10400watt just under 14hp across the rear. Running in the open class SPD2 on the 11th.

bring your Stock Production Board and run it in the Stock class.


not sure if i have said it before, nice rig!..

i think your build is the first ever build i have seen that doesn’t have a single standard skateboard part on it, radical :slight_smile:


Grrrip! 120mm x 60mm plastic rim, hard density foam underlay, soft durometer rubber overlay prototype. Weight 9oz. To be tested @ SPD2 in racing conditions.