So I bought a Spectra Pro



Since its release in 2017, Walnut has built a variable reputation where many are claiming the board isn’t great and others loving it after putting their foot on and seeing it going forward like Tesla’s autopilot. Casey Neista tried it on the go and couldn’t get the hang of it, gave up and called it not good probably putting 3D posture Eboard in the position they are today and now! It puts Walnut in an incandescent position for the future of 3D posture controlled boards.

Hope you’ll like reading this!:slight_smile:

(Though this picture looked awesome)

While having both Lou and Arc under the radar I went f*ck it.
Just wanted a different board and experience. What I have are all remote controlled and what I seek is new ways to operate a device, and I wasn’t bored of controllers but I wanted me out of that comfort zone, letting that be I searched for different alternatives, I went with my gut feeling and ultimately gave my money to Walnut.

So I bought a Spectra Pro… I went with portability, and the other half is for the new experience, I told myself ¨Huh well, if it doesn’t work for me? I can return it.¨ Surprisingly, it’s been almost two months with it under my feet, I work at a school as a day-care and let the kids try it out during dinner/free time on beginner mode in the gym. There are many safety features to make the experience better and safer, and I love em’, I really can’t complain, and I will go over the pros as well as the cons.

My first impression.
When I started looking for a new board, I honestly went for the most expensive one; I was straight up putting money aside for a Bajaboard. After realising how stupid this was I went back to the drawing board, I asked myself before I made a mistake ¨What do I need?¨

I made a list,
-Price (4000$ was just a little off for my budget, just a little…)
-Shipping (Cost and time)
-The design (This is the most critical part of my ego)
-Brakes (Safety first!)
-Extras like what the board offer than others don’t.

So let’s go over these points.

Pro- So, god damn this thing is small, I patented a bracket where I can hang the board on my backpack, and it works flawlessly.
The board weighs at a 12.7lbs (5.7Kg) and is travel safe here; you might have to check for your country. Walnut offers even smaller boards like the Spectra Mini, which I think wouldn’t have fit under my foot as it is smaller than a grain of sand, more than portable, as it is for me, it’s most likely a go around the room. I take mine at work to get my lunch or to get the change to take the bus. It’s so portable for me that it makes every single small commute worth bringing it, I go to work and it’s a 5min walk but NO. I make it a 2min commute instead.
Cons- Yeah the weight is indeed something to consider, I wouldn’t carry it for hours, but if you have a backpack it comes down to a neutral opinion, it’s only bearable if you have a backpack!

It was a small con for me, though I had a higher budget than what the cost was (Remember Baja?), the hype to try out a whole new board took over the price tag of 769$ + 35$ for the shipping. You get a 7-days ¨trial¨ where you can return it if you don’t like it. Unfortunately, it would have defied the whole purpose of reviewing it, so I gave it six months, no returns. Price is high, and the original price was 1100$. It puts the board in a different category than other cheap pennies, you expect high quality, and we’ll go over that.

For me, it took just about two weeks to arrive at my door, took it out, loaded the app and updated the firmware via Bluetooth went roaming around the internet and re-watch for a 100th time the tutorials while it charged. It was half charged, but from 0 to 100 it takes 90min, pretty standard for a penny board if not faster.

Pro- I’m going to compare it to my Wowgo 2S for a sec, somehow, this is ten times more reliable, there’s no battery sag, and when you go uphill, it goes up until it hits 0%. That I love. And when you ride, the speed is consistent! Wowgo won’t survive if it slightly rains, I broke mine due to slight rain but this one, don’t even think about water! It’s entirely well sealed though not waterproof* it’s reliability makes me question why do people have to hate it so much, I can even bet these people haven’t even touched a Spectra before saying incoherent stuff or just repeating what others thinks!
Cons- Recently, the only problem I’ve faced, and this was the first time it happened, this morning I was on the last hill before getting home, 5% left and I hit 0 in the middle of the hill, and I got knocked forward real hard. The board just went completely dead and started going downhill like a bowling ball in the alley. Caught in the action, I quickly ran and saved the day… Again.

Pro- I go everywhere, mall, shop, get a coffee, groceries, and dates (once every decade) I never ran out of battery, it’s reliable but! The magnetic charger is weird; sometimes I have to play with it until I get the red light. It’s annoying, but I can’t complain about that, it doesn’t disconnect once it’s well placed. Its net range on the site is 12.4miles. I get around 10 to 12 miles every run! By the way, this one is intended for the campus in my opinion or downtown rides, not commuting on bad roads so I won’t consider going over how it commutes in general, flat and smooth = lots of fun!
Cons- the range is small like any other penny board, it’s fine, I just had to put it has a disadvantage, but I’m comparing it to Elongboards, let’s take the Louboard v2 (It’s proper competitor) for comparison, it has a range of 6-9 miles while Spectra has an average of 12 miles. I give the point to Spectra since it’s above their penny’s competitors in general.

(Charges in 90min for 12.4 miles)

Pros- This part is fantastic! When you first step on it, it was a whole new feeling for me especially when it went forward by itself. First, the light changes depending on the mode from the app you can select 44539105_339039920193374_2007443155527401472_n Beginner (Greenlight 4-8mph), 44590283_975255992659753_1158967727637921792_n Pro (Blue light 9-13mph)

and Expert (Green and blue 14-16mph)
(You can’t really see it there.)

the App is Mandatory to enjoy the board at its full potential, many reviewers thought by just riding it without playing around with the settings was the full experience! Well out of the box it’s not set up for experienced Eboarders, but once you put push to start, play with the speed, the acceleration and brakes, that’s what puts this one aside from other boards! You can always mess around the settings.
Once you open the app, connect it to your board, and I’d recommend doing the update, I think they are two of them there are a lot of tuning features I strongly recommend it to enjoy the full experience and everything it has to offer!
You will have to learn how the pads and weight distribution work to get the hang of it, took me one day to learn the speeds and position; brakes is another story!

-The design
Pro- Carbon fibre plated, tuning lights, ergonomic wave for your feet, auto-stop, comfy pads between the board and the grip tape, a proper display for your foot, a clear app with lots of features to mess with, I cannot complain about these! It’s an enjoyable device, and it’s still an awesome feeling to get when riding.
Cons- The front light cover seems cheap, I’m scared to scratch the aesthetic (considering the price) so far I’ve kept it in good shape, avoiding collisions the best I can, but there are some unlucky moments where SHBAM, owh:(

It probably wasn’t possible due to the design, but the first times I was testing it, motors are in the front, and when you’re accelerating, I tend to lean back from the drag, and it lifts the front wheels to the point where I get no torque and they airspin. I got the hang of it, and now it’s okay. The good part which is a pro, on a small board like that, is braking, it’s the reverse effect and is much more reliable because I lean in the front when braking and the mag brakes make it even more enjoyable and reliable. Though, if you go downhill (Which it is not intended too) it goes faster and faster, you need to brake so you lean back but the force pushes you in the front, so it’s not reliable, after a month, I got the hang of it, and I can rely on it now! Just takes some time to get it down:)
After two months I can safely say that that I know how to break in any situation, the scenario would be this, a small button on a strap you attach on your arm: if a problem occurs e.g braking failure or you can’t brake at all, just press it and it gently but surely slows down and brakes until it hits 0 and then goes back to normal.

-Obviously, there’s the 3D posture that was the primary point for me as it’s really a learning curve that I loved taking the time to learn. It’s something new you or anyone can quickly learn also my 9-year-old brother took Spectra for a go and in seconds in beginner mode he had the hang of it, no experience at all! Same for the kids at work, they love doing the now famous by me: The Electric board parkour. Not going to get into details but its a timed parkour and they are all able to use it.
-The lights in front and the back compared to other brands that won’t offer that, the valuable feel of riding an impressive board again A+ for the design!
-By the way, looking back on the price, it’s less expensive than both LOU and Arc boards, so it’s a great price, that kind of puts me doubting the price honestly, turns out, it’s better than I initially thought.
-The lights that changes are freaking awesome! That got me when I first changed the speed!
-The size makes it very portable!

I feel like Casey, Jay Boston and FabTRAV didn’t give a proper overview, at least unfair in my opinion. They didn’t pay attention to what I had; they never opened the app to tune the board and most likely never watched the videos that showed the proper riding methods. They gave it one day as well which makes me go jam!
So for me, except the braking that takes a little time to master, I recommend and I back them up!

I’ve got an email from them a week ago promoting their newly released Spectra MiniPro(, this one is their first model to come with a remote so that you can choose either, apparently it’s V2 3D posture and it’s way cheaper than this one, despite the new model coming out, I think I would have stick to this one due to the design and speeds, though I’m really considering getting the MiniPlus for my older brother, I might release a full review of that one too, I really like the Pro for what it offers, just a whole new challenge, premium design and features, good speed and smooth ride! Thank you a lot for reading! Hope to see you riding someday! :slight_smile: