SOLD WTS: NEW Raptor 2 (delivered 4/25)



Hi All,

I have a brand new Raptor 2 that was just delivered for sale. Never been out of the box or even opened. I ordered the board well over a year ago thinking I’d have it by last summer. Once it got delayed I ordered a Metroboard and planned to cancel the raptor pre-order. After seeing the cancellation fee I figured I’d just wait for delivery and then sell one of the boards. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

SOLD, thank you to all that were interested.


I am very interested. Can you message me?


Hey I don’t see how to send a private message. Do you know how?


haha that’s what I was just researching. I’m a long time lurker but never posted. I signed up so I could reply.


Same haha. I’ll look around as well, maybe it has to do with new accounts. I know on the .builder forum I needed to wait a certain amount of time to post.


Anyone know a safe way we could reach one another?


You can"t message him when you click on his name? Or just hover over his name? A little window should appear with a message button.


No not at first. It has since shown up.