[SOLD] WTS: Raptor 2 preorder $2000 USD or best offer


Hi all,
I am selling my raptor 2 order, I preordered it a little under a year ago expecting to get it last summer mainly to be used as a primary vehicle for school. They say it is to be shipped this march and I realize it’s not as convenient for me as I once thought since I go to school in Chicago and travel through plane while on break back home.

Am planning to ship as soon as it arrives, I will not even open the box as if I feel I do, I will not want to sell it anymore. Primally targeting people thinking about ordering it now as the soonest you will get it is May according to Enertion Boards, but I am thinking more like July-August looking at their previous delays. I am around order #10900

Inbox me if Interested and I can give you further details. -George

EDIT: Am looking to sell before product ships as the warranty transfers if it is sold before it ships to me. As of mid march, expected to ship out late march so I will be unable to transfer the warranty.

EDIT 2: Delayed again so will ship out early april still time for me to change the address so warranty can transfer.


Hi man, Just so you know. (As far as i’ve seen and read) you should try to sell it before it gets shipped.
This way enertion can transfer the warranty to the new owner.

Good luck with the sale.


Warranty is transferrable I believe


Warranties are only transferable for Raptor 2 pre-order customers who are on-selling their pre-order before delivery of products has been received.


Damn, I thought I saw otherwise! I don’t like that at all!


Ah yea ill contact enertion thanks for the heads up!