[sold] WTS: Selling my raptor 2 pre-order PLUS extra remote, 97mm wheels, and Crossover wheels - 1900 or best offer


Hey all,

I pre-ordered a year ago and will be one of the very next to ship (my order number is 10018). I’ve also pre-ordered an extra remote, 97mm wheels, and cross over wheels (100mm wheels) which will come in the box.

The onewheel+ XR is almost out now and I’ll get that instead, so I’m selling my Raptor 2 Pre-order.

If we do this fast (before chinese new year ends) I can get enertion to transfer everything to you and it will ship directly to you.

This has the standard warranty (which will transfer to you) as well.

Looking for 1900 OBO.

Enertion Raptor 2 Shipment discussion

what is obo?


Or Best Offer


Battosaii i right, OBO = Or Best Offer


1900 what? USD? AUD? CNY?


I’ll take it right now


sorry. sold.