South Florida riders make yourself known


Hey guys I’m Adam from Miami Florida and I’m always down for a ride, I have a Raptor Dual and a Raptor 2 on order let me know if you want to try these beasts(helmets required to try my boards but I can lend you one)


You guys ever get together we should organize a South/Central ride!


Hell yea id be down, as soon as i get my Raptor 2 my girl can start riding with me too, the more the merrier. She just has to get used to an eskate but shouldnt be too bad we’ve been longboarding together for a long time.


I have a brand new never used raptor 2 in Miami if anyone wants to buy it


Wow here in Miami and before I got mine… Lol why do you want to sell it? Is it cause you built your self something better like in my case or you are just not getting into the sport?


Miami Beach. No the problem is I live in Israel and they couldn’t ship it there and there was a problem with refund so I decided to ship to my family I Miami and figure it out. But there’s no way to get it to me


In the Boca Raton area and definitely down to ride around. Have an Inboard M1


look at the Boosted Board Riders Miami group on facebook, 75% dont own boosted but we use the group as a way to organise group rides in south florida. we ride all over south south florida and north south florida lol

Today there is a ride in Ft lauderdale beach and wednesday were having a night ride in South beach Miami.

I have a Raptor 1 Raptor 2 and DIY Board in that order from slowest to fastest.


Just got an Evolve GTX Street, love it! Ready to do a group ride…Where and When?
I live by Ft Lauderdale beach!


Tuesday nights we gather around 9:30pm in south beach, we usually gather by the maurice Gibbs park there is a parking lot there


Im in Miramar but I can meet up South Beach Fort Lauderdale etc… built and sold my First dyi board to a friend… On my second build should be finished soon.

Greig @gjf1 on IG also…