Speed bumps, cracks and other nasty things


I almost hit this last night. Came back to see what it was.


ouch… the would kill someone… crazy they dont have some hi-vis fence around that


yeh, riding in darkness can be dangerous. Did you had some sort of headlights @smurf or nothign at all?

I know Ive hit once a pole similar like that, maybe a bit bigger with bicycles… wasnt nice


I do have headlights and that’s the only way I saw it. My shredlights only effectively illuminate about 3 meters. I’m not trying to talk bad about them as they did save me but I wish they were brighter.


Here’s an idea to keep u out of the ambulance.
Mine is a" Manker U11" (neutral white) and it’s my favourite EDC light, it’s super efficent and runs on 18650. Doubles up as a bike light etc…