Stock Configuration AWD Jed Board On The Steepest Street In The World: Baldwin Street, Dunedin, NZ




That was hard to watch pretty sad when an evolve can make it up with those tiny motors and shitty battery but an AWD board can’t make it up with a massive run up at what looks like too speed


A lighter rider than the Evolve video too.


Has actually anyone tested the Raptor 2 on Baldwin Street yet? Where any Raptor 2s shipped to New Zealand yet? Judging from my feeling of going up steep hills with it, I would think the Raptor 2 can take it, even with a 90+ kg rider like me.


Why did they even post this… only makes it look bad. I really wonder where the mic is at. Seems to be mounted at the upper camera guy which makes it horrific. The sound of fucked up gears… but wait its pre prodcution guys, it wont be like this later on… lol
Someone please fund my trip to NZ and I’ll test it out with the R2. Even if the R2 doesn’t make it, it won’t sound like torturing a bunch of babies.


i need to get one of my boards over to New Zealand.

Ive clocked Jake at 30mph up some of Florida’s hills. But something like this would really show off the power.


this is not the steeppest street in the world! no way kkk


It might not look like it in the Video, but it is the steepest RESIDENTIAL STREET !