Summary emails in spam


If you opt in, the forum sends out summary emails every now and then when inactive. I just wanted to report that these mails finish in Spam folder of my Gmail because the mail is apparently “in violation of Google’s recommended email sender guidelines”. I believe it is because of empty sender. Not sure, but summaries don’t finish in spam.


Its not “if you opt in”… it is on by default. and it is spam, just because I-can-but-have-not-yet gone to the settings page and turned it off, does not mean its not spam

its unsolicited email… seriously, why does anyone need an email about the forum? if they want to read it, they can read it all here. this “feature” is for marketers on big sponsored boards to generate clicks and viewers. its marketing. not a user feature.


I’d like to get summary emails because I don’t visit the forum too often during winter. Can administrators add sender to emails and see if that helps?