The jed board all wheel drive (awd) first ride - pre-production electric skateboard




Loud and Clear, lol


Lacking toque compared to R2 but I may have had some problems. That board is too loud imo and rolling wasn’t much better than R2


From where I am, it’s prohibited to operate an esk8 board. I really don’t want to invite attention. With that, so much noise, I’ll pass.


Yeah at the moment it’s too loud for me too. I don’t like turning all heads within 100 metres due to the noise. I hope the final production boards are considerably quieter. I guess we’ll find out next year.


But in fairness and all, this thing is so f@ck!ng quick . . . dispite the high pitch noise.


The noise in particular on this board is due to some alignment issues with the gears. In production we use a different mounting method for the gears which ensures perfect alignment and thus reduces the noise that is currently being heard. Some additional vibration dampening will also help to reduce any rattles. All in all a quieter board.