Thrasher Magazine Editor Jake Phelps - Suffering Serious Head Injury



This guy should know better… WEAR A HELMET


I feel like the video where the guy hits his head full speed and stands back up and says “I love helmets!” should be enough to get anyone to wear a helmet… Hopefuly more people come to that realization wacthing this video as well.


I knew one of the thrasher guys were going to get a head injury sooner or later… they do some stupid sh** and all without helmets.


that is all.


Can you believe that there is a large number of people that ride freaking motorcycles without a helmet?! They are so nuts, they are a “dead man riding”, helping make the world a smarter place and Darwin is resting like a baby in his grave awaiting these individuals.


Karma for what?

not wearing a helmet is stupid, but it never enters the karmic payback loop.

Is he a dick?